Blowing the Shofar!!!!!

For some 30 years I’ve known that I had a trumpet to blow. God said so He faithfully reminded me over the years. As things have happened throughout my life…elections…laws and amendments being voted on…things coming before the Supreme Court…things being made law without our Constitutional guideline but by executive order…well……I have just had to speak over and over.

At first to individuals by phone…or in person…family, friends, acquaintances who became friends or not if they didn’t like my views…former classmates…teammates at school…etc.  I’ve had times that I spoke from a podium…and times when I prayed and studied at home…times when I went in loudly and sometimes as a spy in the camp.

The LORD does have mysterious ways when we walk and talk to him with any consistency. I’ve journaled talking to Him…and I’ve written down what He said to me. He never once disagreed with His WORD! Study and prayer time for me became ONE and the SAME.  I asked God if studying could count for prayer and He said of course! One is me talking to Him and the other is His talking to me.

I began to understand clearly what He meant in His song…and He walks with me and He talks with me! Yes, I said His song! He’s the ONE who writes the songs in peoples’ hearts that they put on paper if they are about Him and His WORD! HIS TRUTH!

Writers are inspired to write today just as in the days of old.  Those who wrote the scriptures were all inspired.  All writing today according to the WORD are inspired by the SAME HOLY SPIRIT!

When you have the Holy Spirit in You …He bears witness in You of the Truth in the messenger…be they one of the 5-fold ministry (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher) or missionary, or priest, or mother, or father, or sister, or brother, or friend…or angel unaware…don’t get me started on all the ways He’s spoken to me.

The LORD speaks through children often to me! Why would He do that? Because I listen to children. I don’t listen to bratty stuff or whiney or quarreling…just ask my grand girls.  Just ask my disciples…my sheep…be they in my presence…or on the phone…or text…or face book chat or message, etc. I don’t listen to what is being brought to me to persuade me off the path I’m walking one minute at a time with JESUS! LOL! 🙂

Lately at the end of prayer time the LORD has spoken to us as we sing at the end of prayer time! He’s sooo timely and in order…and He speaks when we have very orderly completed our prayer.  We pray the prayer blanket that God gave us to pray. He told me to quit praying my prayers and pray His…and I’ve never been the same!

His prayer is the WORD alone…and my training praying Germaine Copeland’s and Beth Alves’ and Stormie Omartian’s books gave me my beginning. We pray everything God has told us to cover and then some on a daily orderly way of doing things. Someone may say you’ve changed…and we have. Others say you remain the same…and we have.  The same in some ways and very differently in other ways.  We have had only 2 of us the same people…and we’ve gotten 12 years older…Emily and I were both 53 and now 65.


Well, the song the LORD gave me was Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at Hand! Sound the Trumpet! And it has come up and I’m singing it again now!

For the LORD is calling and calling…blowing the Trumpet….


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