Thank You LORD for the Shofar! July 2, 2015

I pray that you are checking out all this information. I pray that you will not take what I say …but will compare the history…that you will check out God’s Word! and that you will check out God’s Church! Go to the Reformation of the Church…Martin Luther…and come forth to today….

There is no desire here to know an exact day…but to know that God is not mocked! It is for us to recognize that we…the U.S. of America…were established by the Church! So was South Africa! The Church separated from the Roman Catholic Church in history! The Reformation was originally begun with people who recognized the Jews…and they were good to the Jews.

As the Reformation continued they turned their back on Israel…thus the holocaust!

Today, we are facing the greatest holocaust in the earth…in all of history…the destruction of Israel…and the destruction of the Church! The persecution of the Church has come to America!!! The Church is losing it’s stand…we have been compromised…

We in America are not hearing what is going on in our media! If you are not hearing the cry of the Church on social media…then your ears are not open to the Holy Spirit as He is sounding the alarm!

Listen to the witnesses of today…Here is Jonathan Cahn as he is warning us still of what is coming before the end of the year…not our year that ends in December…but the Jewish calendar…the end of this year is actually September 13…6pm…the end of this Shemitah and the beginning of the next.

No matter how man has tried to change the times…as our enemy has confused our dates…and even our days…Evening and Morning are the 1st day! Our day begins at 6pm and ends at the next 6pm…one day beginning as the other ends. God’s plan! Not mine! and not Jonathan Cahn!

The Shemitah…or 7th year…like the Sabbath…the 7th day! Sabbath is the day of rest! Shemitah is the year of rest!

Nothing has to happen…it is God’s choice…but we need to be ready! We need to be ready for God’s judgment if we do not repent now!! If there is no Hope…there is no Harbinger! Harbinger is a warning…God is good enough to call us and to warn us!

As Cahn says…Don’t be scared! Be ready! Outside of JESUS there is no SAFETY! The time is late! If there’s anything to get rid of…and we are talking to Believers! Get rid of it!

This is not a time to be afraid! It is a time to Get Right! A time to get Ready! and a time to get Great! As the early church…the Church of the former rain…they opened with persecution! Paul was the greatest of persecutors of the Church! He got Right! He got Great! He and all the others in the WORD!

We are the End Times’ Church! God has said that we will endure tribulation! Notice…ENDURE! We will share in His sufferings in order to share in His GLORY! Revival will not come without repentance!

We are not to fear the end! Isaiah 43 says it so well… Isaiah 43:2(NKJV

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.
When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned,
Nor shall the flame scorch you

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