Remaining in Peace Like a River

“I’m expecting God’s hand to move!” …this was the beginning of my response to Germaine Copeland’s statement that it will take a move of God to change the way this election is headed…then I continued this reply…
I’m expecting God’s hand to move!

I’m being reminded daily as we pray that this is His Year of Jubilee! It ends and we begin the first 7 years in a period of weeks of years…a new 49 years…beginning October 2…the first day of the Jewish year 5777. God is on His throne and He is not taken by surprise. If anyone hasn’t read the Mystery of the Shemitah…the Sabbath year or 7th year of each week of years. Leviticus tells exactly what is to be done that year and just like Israel did not heed God’s warning…neither did the U.S. over the last many years.
The US is the LORD’s from the beginning and God chose to take the Church to America. We had a covenant with our God just like Israel from the inception…at ground zero.

Watching Obama and Hillary together is very scary…and if we look at the World Government formulating and readying to rule…we forget that the Clinton’s have been in power now for 16 years and to continue for 8 more? God has not been taken by surprise. In fact this was all written in the Book from the beginning.

Let’s see…is our God going to be mocked? I believe that this year of Jubilee is the year for the Church to repent from allowing the world government to take place! The UN which is here in the US and been warned by Jonathan Cahn as well as our Congress…well…I’m just too pro-Israel to believe that our God is not up to some real shenanagans Himself! Secrets and Mysteries are what our God is about…and as the year of Jubilee ends…the 50th year that adds one more wonderful piece of the puzzle to me…it ends October 1-2.

Since we know the Jewish day is evening to morning. The month of Enul should prove to be an unfolding of the LORD’s Glory! I’m not expecting to leave here…or we would have left! I’m expecting His GLORY here as His Kingdom comes on earth as it is in Heaven!

Just think saints…we are here watching it all happen…calamities…diseases…fires…earthquakes…and on and on…rocking and reeling…even bacteria in our coastal beaches…I mean it is not all happening here in the west…why is that? Well Jesus came and left in the East did He not?

Christmas is really in the spring…and when do the sheep have their lambs in Israel…only around Passover Time…and He was crucified and resurrected during Passover. Let’s see…He came in as Amnos…and He leaves as Ornion. First the baby lamb…in the manger…and returning as the LAMB of GOD in all His Glory!

Jesus is our Passover Lamb! If we listen dear brothers and sisters…we are ONE…and our very Liberty Bell that Abraham Lincoln included in his speech …in the year of Jubilee …PROCLAIM LIBERTY! We intercessors are to Proclaim Liberty for our whole tent (Isaiah 54)…all the LORD has given us as He extends our borders…Prayer of Jabez. Liberty from Sin!!!

It’s time for us all to walk in forgiveness…Partaking of the LORD’s supper daily has given new insight that we remind Him daily of His promises…as we remember them…we are in the New Covenant…and we refuse anymore to not rightly discern the Body of Christ! We refuse to be divided into denominations and parties…Factions Paul called them …divisions…and as Jesus first said before Abraham Lincolm…A House Divided Won’t Stand!
I’m excited that we will see Him Face to Faces as He comes quickly!

Love you my family!

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