Anticipation is in the Air…Like Christmas…

There’s anticipation in the air! The smells of Christmas as well as the lights…and the warm family get togethers…and the Church programs…the caroling…and the giving and receiving of gifts…always get me excited.

I love the colors of green and red most especially because green like the evergreen Christmas tree represents  “eternal life” and red represents the glorious “blood of the Lamb”…Jesus Christ Himself!

It’s not Christmas but the thrill and anticipation I feel in ever- increasing proportion is the return of our LORD JESUS!

I can’t quite explain it…but I can compare it to the expectation of rain…when I can smell it in the air…or feel it before it gets to me.

I’m a teacher and writer and I speak and write in stories…comparisons…parable-style.

I love allegories…I love picture stories!

Well this is how I’m sensing all that is going on…

The King is Coming…and Soon!

I look around and what a turmoil of events…total chaos!

Well, isn’t that exactly what we are to expect! If we are Believers and we believe that God is who He says He is and that He did what He says that He did…then we should be looking forward.

Revelation is written for us as is Matthew 24 and 25. Isaiah prophesied His first coming…and we are looking for Him to return soon…

Jesus is about to return…and He is about to rule!

I’ve read His story and I plan to reign with Him!

I can’t wait until His Kingdom comes on earth! I’ve been praying the LORD’s prayer for 13+ years every day! Women Who Pray included this prayer from day one!

As we’ve prayed Isaiah 52 that says that we who are on the wall praying will see Zion as she comes…I sense that we are seeing what we thought we would not be here for…Amazing….

Wooo Hooo!!!!


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