Forever! Evermore! Eternity!

Prayer time this morning was a blessing as always! Meeting Jesus in the Secret Place of the Most High…El Elyon…is a wonderful blessing everyday! Holy Spirit is also with us as they are ONE and we are ONE in them. John 17 is the most wonderful prayer that Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane for us…not only the disciples then…but the ones to come! That we be ONE! How wonderful is that?!

For about 6 months now, each morning we have celebrated the LORD JESUS and all that He has done for us by our taking of Communion. For me this has been a new and wonderful thing!

Bringing our God into remembrance of our new covenant…by participating in the taking of the bread…the broken body of Christ…and the “wine” (whatever liquid we have symbolic of the blood) …and commemorating with one another and Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…that we are in covenant…an new covenant! We daily are reminded that all our sicknesses (the body) and all our sins (the Blood) are covered!

Being forgiven as we forgive has become a practice of life! Walking in forgiveness has transformed our thinking! At least it has mine! Walking in the newness of life promised in the baptismal pool has become much more real for me.

I love that this was prompted in us to do during this wonderful year of Jubilee! The year of forgiveness…of all debts paid! Woo Hoo!!!!

Now, this morning, as I sat at the table I sit at every morning…only I had cleared it yesterday while straigtening the toy side…the grandchildren side of my office…I had a new awareness.

I sing Healed Forever everyday…and we pray “we shall dwell in the House of the Lord forever”…everyday…and during communion …

I wrote down…as the ready writer I am…what I was hearing…

Forever! Eternity! Saint vocabulary!

Eternity Past!    Eternity Present!    Eternity Future!

I was aware that I was seated at this communion table with saints of yesterday…today…and tomorrow!

Years ago the LORD showed me that there are merely doors between the past, present, and future. He told me I could look through the door to my past and take with me what I needed and leave behind all that I did not want. He told me that today was the day of salvation and that I was to live it to the fullest but that tomorrow was only a door away.

I am comforted to remember that as I am writing of this morning. I am just like you in the sense of us being in today. Among us are our past…not only memories…but our cloud of witnesses that have gone before us…our present…all those around us that we are in intimate relationship with but also those we don’t know at all…and our future which we are not yet familiar.

I realized that at my table were the saints of old like the Bible people…the saints of old like my parents and grandparents…and the saints of today like my warriors and my family and friends…and all the future saints like the ones to be won here and in India and Africa and the 10/40 window that I’m assigned to reach.

Eternity and Forever are words that do not belong to this world. This world began and it will end.

Eternity and Forever are for the saints! We speak of eternity past and eternity future because we are the body of JESUS CHRIST in whom there is no beginning or end! He is the beginning…the WORD…made flesh…who dwelt her among us…and now is seated beside the Father making intercession for us…as we in whom the same Holy Spirit dwells are awaiting Him!

Sounds complicated to the world but is LIFE to us!

Isn’t this wonderful comfort to us that we abide in HIM who is LIFE giving us Life Abundant!

I pray this is a comfort to you.

If not, I pray you will ask Jesus to come into your heart now…so that you can walk in this life of rest! Regardless how it looks to the world…in JESUS we are in LIFE Abundant!! Death has no sting!

Amen and Amen!




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