Reaching the Unreached

If you had told me in 2013…when we returned from a wonderful trip to India…that our ministry would now be spread throughout India and now Africa and the Philippines…I would have not believed it possible.

The precious tool God has given us…His WORD in prayer form…is pulling down strongholds and casting down imaginations…all that exalts itself above God! We call it the prayer blanket.

We pray the prayer blanket everyday and have for 14 years. Isaiah 55: 11 explains why we pray it everyday in the early hours. The LORD says, So shall My Word be that goes forth from My mouth: it shall not return void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

As a child, I loved the song Send the Light! There are souls to rescue…there are souls to save…Send the LIGHT! I know that as Jesus told His disciples to Go therefore into all the world…we do that everyday. I love that His expectation…His burden…is light! It is only heavy when we don’t just let Him win them as we spend time with them…I mean our family and friends. As we go into the highways and byways we win people just by our being salt and light in their midst.

The amazing thing is  God has proven this to us with this ministry! Women Who Pray placed our feet in India in the middle of the 10/40 window and only were there 5 days. We ministered and saw miracles and came home refreshed and awed and humbled by God’s Grace on us on that trip.

Since that time, Women Who Pray has continued mightily! Only God! It is not about us but about our Jesus! In India with the leadership of Asha who is also in her 60’s, we have now over 25 churches. Either Asha, who we reached by facebook, began the Church in a home or a Church joined and came under our covering. Many have been saved…children as she often makes her entry in an area through puppets with children…and the mothers come and get saved…and the fathers also after that. She reaches Hindu and Muslim with the prayer blanket in the language of the people. I believe India has the prayer blanket in 8 languages now.

Uganda was the first place we reached in Africa…Pastor Fred also by facebook. He has translated the prayer blanket into 4 languages I believe. Silas from Kenya rose up on facebook. He translated the prayer blanket into Swahili and on a trip to India he met with Asha and saw what she was doing with all the languages and left India and took the prayer blanket to the Philippines. We now have a Church also in the Philippines and the prayer blanket is in Tugala. Silas also took it to Liberia who speak English.

Silas also went to Pakistan and the prayer blanket is being translated into Urdu which is the language of the muslim nations and all the muslim throughout the earth…about one billion.

The prayer blanket does not replace the Bible. It’s just a tool to put the WORD in the mouth of the people so they pray according to God’s WORD and are blessed as we all are when we pray the WORD. Many have not heard the WORD in their own language. In India alone there are soooooo many languages. Asha has helped translate into print 2 languages that have never been written.

Amazing our God!

I am calling on all my family and friends to ask the LORD what you can do. We need support financially to print the prayer blanket in the languages of the nations. As of today I have been told that we are translating in Nigeria, Ghana, and Siere Leone…3 more nations in west Africa. Silas also will be going to Botswana in southern Africa. Asha is working with a missionary from South Africa to translate into Zulu. It costs us $250-300 for every printing job.

Father, we pray that You will open our ears to hear what our part is to reach these precious souls. The Harvest has never been soooooo white! We pray LORD of the Harvest for those to help us help the nationals to reach their people. We have strong and able bodies in the nations that you have raised up to go forth at a much less expensive rate…but they need the financial aid to print in their languages the prayer blanket. You have told us LORD that we are providing the manna…the WORD…in order that they prosper and be in good health. Your WORD is health to all their flesh as it is to ours! Amazing LORD how those working with us are seeing a prosperity that they never knew existed! Thank You LORD!

My address is: Teddi Holt, 2411 New Hope Road, Dacula, GA 30019. I can also be reached by email I look forward to hearing from you.






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