Praying for Our America

Prayer for the Home front:

LORD remove all media that are out to destroy our president…The President of the United States of America.

This is not what our founding Fathers meant when they designed the 1st Amendment . This is not Freedom of the Press.

As for our Congress who refuse to agree with our President about anything…well they are not doing what they were elected to do…and they are costing us a fortune and will soon have wasted a full year.

I am ashamed of Congress regardless of party…to think that 4
people…2 senators and 2 representatives could hold that line. We are not playing red rover when children double lock their arms…or playing football when the goal is to block or tackle the one carrying the ball.

I have always been proud to be an American. I have voted Democrat, Republican, and Independent…according to who was running.

I get it that the party is not flawless…none of them. LORD I ask you to remove the mountains I am speaking to…any way You see fit! It’s Your world
after all…and You are in charge!

Now, on the International front:

Thank You in advance for removing Kim Jong-in the “mad-man
Even if he can’t hurt us though he says he can…he can hurt our allies
the South Koreans, the Japanese, the Chinese, all of SE Asia and who knows how far…parts of Africa? and India?

Well, I just come from too much of a military background to be squeamish…I have to go down fighting. LORD thank You for removing Kim Jong-un and for
removing as many of his staff as would need to be removed in order that the leader not be a vicious dictator starving his own people.

Thank You LORD for Your pick for Korea’s government and for ours…and bring down the strongholds holding both of them.

We call for abundant funding of all the networks that are Godly and we call forth poverty for all of those standing against our President. I must include here all of the theatre, and movie and television…and all the schools…all dens of thieves.

We thank You LORD that You have promised us provision to win the lost to the uttermost. We are the light and we thank You for provision for us to do this mission. Make all the obstacles low…we thank You for making the crooked way straight.

You LORD called America into being…and our mission was and still is to win the world to the uttermost. I pray all within the sound of my voice check yourself.

The WORD clearly says that the House of the LORD will be judged first…before He judges the world. I AM allowing God to shake me…letting go of all that is not HIM. I AM standing even if I stand alone.

As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. Love you all much!

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