Praying for America

Praying with James Nesbit…September 28, 2017

Heavenly Father, all my cells are singing, as I walk this morning, in the warm Alabama sunshine; surrounded birds, filling the air with joyful praises!

So on this 251st day of Donald Trumps first term of two as President, we join the chorus of the winged ones, who fill every tree in our nation, with joy filled praise unto Your Holy Name!

Father, in the Name, and through the blood of Your Son, we release the power of Your joy into every blood redeemed leader who has been discouraged in any way, fashion, or form.
Thank You for them mounting up in strength of Your supernatural joy on this 251st day, and join the little winged ones in singing Your praises

O Father, anyone who is still buried under the ruble in Mexico City, thank You, for strengthening them with the strength of Your joy, with peace that passes all understanding, and a supernatural will to live.

Thank You for supernaturally showing the searchers where to look, and miracle stories of Your goodness, filling all of Mexico City, so much so, that it ignites a miracle movement throughout all of Mexico, with mass conversions among the fiercest Mexican gangs.

We say this day, Praise ye the Lord. Praise the Lord from the heavens: praise him in the heights.

Praise him, all his angels: praise him, all his hosts.
Praise him, sun and moon: praise him, all you stars of light.

Praise him, you heavens of heavens, and you waters that be above the heavens.

Praise the name of the Lord: for he commanded, and you were created.

Yes, let everything that has breath, praise the Lord!

Father, we thank You this day, for the praises of Your Name, rising from pure hearts and little lips, in school rooms throughout the land!

Thank You, for spontaneous outbreaks of radical worship everywhere, releasing the strength of Your joy, into souls ensnared in darkness.

Thank You, for the sound of glorious praise, that caused the prison walls to shake, as Paul and Silas released in their dark moment, breaking chains off peoples minds and hearts.

Thank You, for glorious praise breaking out in the Ivy League schools and flooding the whole educational structure.

All of those You have sent into the educational system to be Your light in the darkness, light up their hearts with fresh strength from on high this week, let them see the full manifestation of the fruit of every seed that they have sown.

Yeah God, we bless YOU!

We give unto You Lord, we give unto You glory and strength.

We give unto You the glory due unto Your name; worship You in the beauty of holiness.

Your voice O Lord is upon the waters: Your glory is thundering: upon many waters.

Your voice is powerful; and full of majesty.

We are thanking You, that Your voice is breaking through on this 251st day!

Your voice is breaking the cedars; those who have stood tall in their pride, Your voice is causing them to take a knee, at the proper time, in the proper way, You are breaking the cedars of stubbornness and rebellion!

Your voice is dividing the flames of fire, the flames of wisdom from on high, that is gentle and pure, from that which presents itself as wisdom, but devilish and demonic.

Yes, Your voice is shaking the wilderness; shake all those lost in the wilderness of demonic fog.

In Your temple tonight, every one is shouting glory!

It is You Lord, who sits as King for ever.

Thank You Lord, that You are giving strength unto Your people; and blessing Your people with peace, In the Name of Your Son!

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