Praying for America

Praying with James Nesbit, December 1, 2017.

Heavenly Father, As Colleen and I are driving through Kentucky at sunset on this gorgeous evening, on our way home to Alabama, as we prepare the prayer 315th day President Trumps first term in office

What a glorious sunset, our hearts are filled with thanksgiving, as the the world keeps spinning, and moment by moment You fill her up with the knowledge of Your glory, as the waters cover the sea.

O Father, faithful You are, and faithful You will be! 
All Your promises are, yes and amen!

Through the blood of Your Son, we are thanking You, for the day of reckoning as the media calls it, causing spirits of darkness to turn one upon the other.

Just as the light of sunset, causes dark silhouettes to be exposed, thank You, for the blood bought light of Your righteousness, exposing every dark structure dotting the landscape of our nation.

We thank You, that the light of Your Justice, is uprooting, pulling down, overthrowing, and destroying each citadel of darkness.

Thank You, for the multitudes, these structures have held captive in deception and delusion, being delivered in a moment, by Your merciful touch.

Thank You, for sweeping through the ranks of the most radical, and ringing the hell, out of their bell!

Thank You, washing over those who are sincere, but sincerely wrong, and bathing them in the light and truth of Your glory.

All those, who been brainwashed by Marxist professionals, just wash each of their brain cells, right into born again!

To the gates of every cell we say, to each one of your teensy weensy, little booghers; lift up your heads, O ye gates; And be ye lifted up, ye everlasting doors:

Welcome the King of glory in. Who is the King of glory? Jehovah strong and mighty, Jehovah mighty in battle.

Your ladders have been on the wrong wall for way too long!

So come on, humble your haughty little selves, Lift up your heads, And welcome the King of glory in!

Yes, Lord! All those people wearing those little black mask, what are they called? Infata, manifesting in fullness, what they claim to resist!

Yes , the hoodwinked ones! Born with war in their hearts, but fashioned for a much higher calling than they are manifesting; we call them out of the darkness, delusion, and the rage they have been manifesting, into the bright light of Your raging love!

You are the way, they are really looking for;
You are the life, they so desperately need, and the truth, the professors they trusted twisted.

Thank You, Holy Spirit of Truth, for leading them into ALL Truth!

As warriors who have been turned the wrong way, turn, and are born again, into the Way.

All these Holy moves, we have asked You for, and thanked You for, and receive as we pray, will bless our President more than words can say; as masses in our nation turn to find the Way.

Through the blood, and in the Name of Yeshua, we pray.

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