Praying for America, December 5, 2017

Praying with James Nesbit, December 5, 2017

Heavenly Father, on this 319th day of President Trumps first term in office, we thank You that You are hearing and answering our prayers, we bless You Great and Good Father!

As we prayed yesterday, that this week, You will expose swamp darkness, another layer deeper, another level higher, and a great distance wider; uprooting, pulling down, overthrowing, and destroying, every stronghold and citadel in D.C. where darkness has been governing.

Yesterday’s news was filled (Fox News that is, I doubt the story was even reported on any of the mainstream news networks) with heartbreaking stories about just how corrupt and politicized the FBI has become!

Father, we are continuing to praise You, for uncovering all of it!

Thank You, Lord of the Breakthrough, for breaking through all of it, leaving no stone uncovered, and no place to hide; what has been done in the darkness, bring into the fullness of light!

Thank You Lord, for thundering from heaven,
O Most High, we bless You, for uttering Your voice, causing every heart in the swamp to tremble!

Thank You, for sending out Your arrows and scattering Your foes, with lightnings in abundance, we bless You for vanquishing them!

Thank You for sending from above, supernatural grace
And drawing each of those who are standing for Your justice, out of the many lying waters.
Deliver each of them, from their strong enemies,
From those who hate them.
Thank You Father, for being their support.
And bringing each of them out into a broad place!

We are thanking You, that Judge Roy Moore is among those that You are delivering from his enemies, Democrat and Republican!

Thank You, for setting all those the enemy is trying to destroy on Your high places.
And teaching their hands to make war,
So that their arms can bend a bow of bronze.

Thank You Father, for arming each of them with strength for the battle; Subdue under their feet, those who rose up against them.

Thank You, for giving them the necks of their demonic enemies!

We love You, O Lord, our strength.
You are our rock and our fortress and our deliverer;
Elohim, our strength, in whom we trust;
Our shield and the horn of our salvation, our stronghold.
We call upon You O Lord, who is worthy to be praised;
So shall we be saved from our enemies.

Double down today great Father, cause so much light to breakthrough on every front, it causes kingpins of darkness heads to swim!

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