Praying for America, December 6, 2017

Praying with James Nesbit, December 6, 2017

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your great goodness on this 320th day of Donald Trumps first term in office.

I pen this prayer, as I sit at Colleen’s beside, waiting for them to take her in for a heart cath.

Thank You Father, for correcting what has been wrong with her ticker today!

As they are looking for blockages, thank You for exposing and bringing correction, to every blockage in the heart of our nation as well!

The uncovering that has happened these last few weeks has been astounding.

Thank You, for continuing to break up the deep state from every direction, north, south, east, west, over, under, sideways, down!

Thank You, that the dominos are falling quickly, in each department DOJ, FBI, IRS, State Department, and every other department and agency!

We release, the blood bought light, heat, and justice of the Son, and thank You, for bringing every high place down, every low place up, making every crooked place straight, and removing every stone of stumbling!

Yes sir, every stone whose intent is to cause this President, of or anyone in his administration to stumble; remove them quickly.

In the long run though, we are continuing to thank You, for a shaking awakening, the likes of which our nation had never known!

A shaking of mercy, causing knees to buckle, and Your fear O Lord, making hard men humble, and causing the deep state, and every other godless structure to crumble.

We call for it in the spirit today, appoint a Special Investigator to investigate the Special Investigator and company! Thank You, for causing this unseen cry, to manifest in the seen realm.

We release another cry concerning those government officials, who paid off the victims of their sexual harassment with tax payer money, to the tune of 17 million dollars, not only reveal who they are, cause this anthem to arise, PAY IT BACK, with you own money! PAY IT BACK!

Let that cry ring through the halls of congress! PAY IT BACK!

Yes Lord, and as they finalize the tax legislation before Christmas, thank You for moving through men and women of principle, to create the best tax reform possible at this time.

We thank You again, on this 320th day, for the backbone that You have given President Donald J. Trump!

Bless him beyond measure, for honoring Israel, by announcing the United States of America recognises Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel!

Yes Lord! Thank You for flooding his heart, and each heart connected to him, with the suoernatural strength of Your JOY! Causing them to run through every troop and jump over every “Deep State” wall designed to hinder, impede, and stop them.

We bless You Father, for causing a supernatural shifting momentum to manifest, as year two of President Trumps first term in office approaches.

And thank You Great King, that they found nothing wrong with Colleen’s heart, it was an excellent report!

Hey, great, good, kind an majestic Father, who hears, and answers prayers!

Oh, how we love, love, love You!

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