Praying for America, January 10, 2018

Praying with James Nesbit, January 10, 2018

Heavenly Father, on this 355th day of President Trumps first term in office, we thank You for justice running down like water, And righteousness like a mighty stream.

Thank You, for visiting President Trump in special way today, thank You for supernatural breakthrough that nobody sees coming.

You know how to through a surprise party, through a breath taking party right in the center of the enemies camp! Such a surprise uncovering that the enemies of our President are gasping for air.

Thank You, for the multiplied intercessions for our President and leaders, causing there to be an interception at the goal line, that the press has to report!

And cause there to be a run back the full length of the field; and of course the President, will have some unusual moves in his victory dance.All they have thrown at him, he deserves to dance around in some joy!

Yeah, Mr. President if anyone deserves to dance on some unjust reporting you do; just you being joyful alone, sets the press’s pants on fire!

Father, in California, first the fires came, and then the rain, and now anything that is not attached to a rock is giving way, and sliding down the hillside.

Through the blood, and in the mercy of Your Son, we pray for the people in Ventura County, venture means “Good Fortune of Luck” luck won’t see us through to fulfill our destiny, but grace and mercy will.

Thank You, for blessing the people in Venture County, by having the “Good Fortune” to be visited with the “Awakening Light” of that great mercy; far beyond what they could possibly ask, imagine, or think!

Sparking, an outpouring throughout the west coast, causing there to be a Divine Turnaround all along the west Coast.

This day Father, send Your spiritual fire, and a downpour of Your Justice, to the department of Justice, and the FBI, causing a massive mudslide, of injustice and corruption, being rooted out by the roots; and sliding off of Capital Hill!

Thank You for connecting all the dots, and exposing the real conspiracy and root of injustice, all the way to the top! So every American sees the same rule of law applies to all.

O yes, we thank You Father, that You have been giving ear to our prayers; and You haven’t hidden Yourself from our supplications.

Because of the voice of the enemy,
Because of the oppression of the wicked;
Has brought this corrupt on our nation,
And in wrath they hate anyone who represents You,
in any form or fashion.

Thank You Father, that You have heard our prayers presented in the Name of Your Son, O yes, You have heard our voices.
Redeem our President’s soul on this 355th day, in peace from the battle that those who were supposed to represent justice have waged against him.

We peace, peace, Mr. President, coming down from the Father, above; sweeping over your soul today.

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