Praying for America, January 26, 2018.

Praying with James Nesbit, January 26, 2018.

Heavenly Father, high and lifted up, we thank You, for this 6th day of President Trumps second year in office, and this 371st day of his first of two terms.

We thank You O Lord, for teaching President Trump to trust in You with all us His heart; and lean not unto his own understanding; and in Your mercy, let him never be put to confusion by the enemy’s strategies.

Deliver him in Your righteousness, and cause him to escape: every “Deep State” snare!

Thank You, for inclining Your ear unto him, and saving him.
And every time they think that have him, grace him with supernatural escape.

Thank You, for making him well aware, that You are his strong habitation, for You have given commandment to save him; for You are his rock and his fortress, and You have purposes bigger than him.

Thank You Father, that he is a quick study, and is learning to acknowledge You In all his ways , and watching You direct his paths.

Lord, we are thanking You also, for helping him to be not wise in his own eyes: but learning the power and safety of Your fear O Lord, and helping him and those governing with him, to fully depart from evil.

Your word says it will be health to his navel, and marrow to his bone. Well, we certainly want him to have a healthy navel, so we don’t have to hear hours and hours of media speculations about the depth, width, height, and future of his navel.

These next two weeks Father, we thank You, for sending strong winds of truth over our nation!

Winds that separate fact from fiction concerning DACA, we are thanking You for anointing President Trump to stand strong, and not bend our bow, as every leftist voice in the nation tries to shame him into compromising his principles!

This is the issue the swamp kings have refused to deal with for decades, so Father, on this 371st day we are “Appealing to Heaven” for Your fix to the DACA issue!

Cause every strategy that would weaken our nation, Schemer, Graham, and Flake, and the rest of the flakes, try force upon us, to be shown for exactly what it is.

Thank You for the wisdom of Solomon manifesting through our President; grace him to negotiate circles around the globalist again, and again!
Bam! Trumped again!

Bless You King of the Universe, for solution to this issue that is in alignment for Your plans and purposes for our nation.

King of kings, that You for walking among the fiery intercessions of Your people in a whole other dimension these next two weeks!

In the Name of Yeshua, we commit these prayers, and our nations ways of entry and exit to You.

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