James Nesbitt’s Prayer for America Jan 29, 2018

Father of Glory, Alpha & Omega, we thank You, for this 9th day of President Trumps second year in office, and this 374th day of his first of two terms.

O Father, there is a way that is right before Your eyes concerning every person who has illegally entered our the land.

We are praising You Great, Great, Elohim!
Thank You, for using this President to get it right, and deal with the immigration mess, which politicians have refused to deal with for decades.

For several years the Dim’s controlled both houses, and the White House as well, the truth is, they didn’t want the immigration issue dealt with then and they don’t want it dealt with now!

If it gets solved, they lose their ability to beat the Republicans over their head with the issue, by painting themselves as the good guys, when in reality that is farthest from the truth.

Well, thank You Father for using this President, to expose the true motives. Bless him to force it to be dealt with, and repair the breech at our southern border.

We are thanking You in advance, that there will be no compromise on the wall! A wall will devastate the Globalist strategy to destroy our sovereignty, and bankrupt our nation, by adding multitudes of illegals to our welfare system.

We are thanking You Father, for breaking the power of every strategy to weaken our nation through the immigration policy; thank You, for breaking every chain, and ending chain migration.

We are thanking You, for anointing our President with supernatural wisdom, grace, favor, and a finishing anointing to accomplish securing our borders, and restoring order to the gates by which people enter and exit our nation.

Thank You Father, that You have broken the cycle of leadership in our nation by giving us a man wise in business, and not another overeducated, anarchist trained, theorist politician.

You have blessed us with a leader who has actually ran businesses, and has had to balance a checkbook.

A leader who can actually build the old waste places: and is anointed to repair the breech, and restore the economy of our nation by Your grace upon his life.

All his life, You prepared him for this moment to bring our nation back from the brink, thank You, for using what the so called wise think as foolish to confound them.

Thank You for causing President Trump, to make our nations windows, windows of agates, and our gates of carbuncles, and all our borders of pleasant stones.

As the press and all the forces within our nation collude against him this week, demonize, dehumanize, and assassinate his character, cause every strategy to backfire.

Thank You for the electorate throughout the land to awaken to what has really been going on! Release the memo, and deliver us from the rule of “Deep State” vipers, and swamp tyrants.

I Your Name Yeshua, we pray!

James Nesbit

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