Praying for America January 31, 2018

Lord of all Justice, we thank You; for this 11th day of President Trumps second year in office, and this 376th day of his first of two terms in that office.

As watched the Dim’s faces last evening (It is not a typo, I am spelling Dem’s, Dim’s on purpose) because people who act like knuckleheads, is because they don’t have enough light to not act like knuckleheads! DIM very DIM indeed.

In Your Father, we thank You for these men and women who need deliverance from the darkness in which they have aligned themselves! Being delivered from that great darkness that has blinded them!

Through the blood of Your Son, everyone who sat on their hands last evening, and couldn’t find enough honor to applaud for things every American should applaud; Father, let them see the videos of themselves today, and as they watch open their eyes to see what they really looked like to the nation.

That must be what the faces of those in one of the circles of hell looks like!

My Lord, those folks were scary lookin’! Nancy Pelosi was chewing the inside of her cheeks off, and Chuck Schemer shriveled up like a prune; and all the swamp snakes all coiled up and hissing!

Thank You Father, that the nation saw (who could help but not see) except those blinded by bitterness and hatred.
We watched the political venom of the spitting snakes on full display.

Lord, thank You for Your mercy, only You can help them see their ladder is on the wrong wall; and what a miserable wall it is.

Father, we are praying for congressmen and senators to look at themselves, and have a come to Jesus moment, let them say to themselves, what and the world am I doing? What kind of leadership have I been following that has led me to this place?

Thank You, for the phones of those elected officials who looked like escorts for the Grimm Reaper (which really they are) as they voted again last week not to end abortion, even if the babies have grown to a place in the womb where it has been proven they feel pain.

Let their phones light up, and the people they represent giving them an earful saying, this is what my representative looks like! This is what I voted for, to represent me and my children, and my children’s children. You are making decisions for our future, when it is evident you are not in your right mind!

Thank You Father, for last evening sitting the course for the midterms, it’s high time for voters to wake up and say, I am not voting for that!

Father, we thank You, for an awakening of common sense, invading every district in the nation!

We are thanking You for the “ROAR” of the Lion of Judah, causing fear to strike the heart of the enemies camp, and that sound breaking the power of the delusion that would cause people we have elected to behave like that!

Last evening, it wasn’t the speech that gave us a clear insight to the State of the Union, the picture was plain for all to see, the state of those who have voted time and again to kill the innocents, the whirlwind of their alignment with death is upon them, and is reflected on their faces.

And it was clear from their faces, they represent everything the kingdom is not!

Thank You Father, for these next six months being the greatest turning from darkness our nation has ever seen!
So by the next State of the Union, we can witness with our eyes the power of Holy Invasion!

In Your Name we pray Adoni-zedek; Lord of Justice.

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