Praying For America, February 1, 2018

Praying with James Nesbit, February 1, 2018

Father of all mercy, we thank You for this 12th day of President Trump’s second year in office and this 377th day of his first of two terms in that office.

Thank You for answering our prayers, as our nation comes out from under the demonic hoodwink the media has used ,to skillfully control and manipulate the masses through a demonically inspired and twisted culture of death narrative.

That is why they detest President Trump! Father has graced him with wisdom to Trump them on every front! And the light of truth,being released from this imperfect vessel, is piercing the darkness, confounding the enemy, and breaking up the monopoly.

I spoke with my 89 year old mother yesterday, who has been a Democrat all of her life.  She couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful the President’s State of the Union message was, and how the Democrats needed to stand up and help our President!

She said, “I may not know much, but I know right from wrong, and what those Democrats are doing is wrong! Our nation will be a much better place if they would help this man implement his plans” she said.

The Lord blessed me with one of the most wonderful mothers on the face of the earth. She would wear my rear end out often and make me go choose the switch she was going to use from the willow tree in our front yard.

My third grade teacher said, “I don’t know what you’ve done Mrs. Nesbit, but little Jimmy is a different boy!” I can tell you what she had done, “…wore my little butt out!”

All that to say this, her eyes were opened Tuesday evening…exactly what we have been asking Father to do!

And we are thanking You on this 377th day Heavenly Father that it’s not just my 89 year old mother who is awakening.  The Awakening Train has arrived!

I believe what happened yesterday, with the entire nation’s attention being drawn to the news of the train carrying 200 GOP leaders to their annual retreat, and slamming into a dump truck on the tracks, was a prophetic event.

I see it as this, there is a dump truck load of garbage blocking the Republicans path to their destination, and they are headed for a collision; but the vehicle upon which they are riding and all of them together as one, totally demolished the bunch of garbage trying to keep them from their destination.

The driver, of the other vehicle was killed. Democratic leadership needs to be very careful in their “Resistance” and make sure the plans they are resisting are not Father’s plans and purposes for our nation.

Our Father  who is love is also the same God who removed Ananias, together with his wife Sapphira, for lying to the Holy Ghost.

Resisting Father’s plans to Bless His people did not end well for them! I’m just saying, Father has a plan in all of this…so be careful in Your pomp and pride little Dims, that Your “Resistance” doesn’t cost you more than you’ve bargained for.

So Father, we are thanking You, just as with my wonderful mother, the eyes of life-long Democrats are being opened nation-wide and seeing this is not the Democratic Party of years ago.  They have become wolves, wearing the robe of Little Red Ridding Hood.

But the AWAKENING TRAIN is rolling through every voting district in the nation. All Aboard!!! Worship from state to state!  It’s gonna be alright when we get to the end of the line!

Father, we come in the name of Yeshua Hamashiach!
Rejoicing, in answers to prayer.

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