Praying for America, with James Nesbit, March 4, 2018

Praying with James Nesbit, March 4, 2018

Heavenly Father, on this 43rd day of President Trumps second year in office; and this 408th day of his first of two terms, by Your great and wonderful grace, we pray.

We are thanking You Father for continuing to anoint,
President Donald (Cyrus) Trump) and holding his right hand, and giving him wisdom, understanding, strategy, and boldness to speak and execute,the plans You birth within him,
To subdue people, and nations that are enemies of a prosperous America.

President Trump said it well, ” Without Steel we don’t have a strong nation.” President Trump said he’ll impose a 25% tariff on foreign steel and 10% on aluminum imports next week. Steel stocks jumped, but markets fear a trade war.

Father, “Fear” is the operative word here, because of “fear” 10 of the 12 spies couldn’t see the victory You had already given them, all they could “see” were the giants in the land; and not the power ofYour Promise to them.

Thank You, for this bold business man, whom You have made wise in the art of trading! Thank You for anointing him and those You are choosing to walk with him in this next season with Your “Perfect Love” that casts out all fear.

Thank You, for gracing him to open before him the double doors, of a “new Era” of the Steel Industry in our nation,
So that the gates will not be shut: Thank You for going before him and making the crooked places straight!

Thank You, for breaking in pieces the gates of bronze
And cutting the bars of iron, that have weakened our nation by stealing the Steel Industry, with the help of our own politicians.

Expose and remove, the globalist puppies who sit in Congress with a hatred of America in their hearts, and howl like dogs if anyone would dare suppose something that would strengthen our nation.

When the communist, socialist, and globalist, are all howling loudly, it’s a real good clue that what the President is proposing just might be good for America.

Thank You Father, that in Your mercy you have given us a businessman to lead, and not another Ivy League produced social engineer!

O how we thank You, for giving President Trump the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places,
That not only he may know that You, are the Lord,
but every leader in every nation “sees” that You are as well!

Thank You for vindicating President Trump, O God,
Against the daily torrent of ungodliness launched against from every quarter; thank You , delivering him from the onslaught of deceitful and unjust men!

Thank You, for sending out Your light and Your truth!
Thank You for leading our President;
And bringing him to Your holy hill
And to Your tabernacle.
Cause him to trade at Your altar merciful Elohim,
in exceeding great righteousness and joy;

Thank You, for filling every area within him that may have been cast down, we speak peace to his mind, will, and emotions, so he can govern well!

Any area that has been disquieted within him?
Thank You for fresh Hope in You, arising in every cell.
Cause this to be a week when glorious praise fills him, his house, his staff, and all those whom You have sent to help him to restore Your plans for our nation.

In the Name of Jesus, we bless You, and present our intercessions and decrees to You.

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