Praying for America with James Nesbit, March 13, 2018

Praying with James Nesbit, March 13, 2018

On this 52nd day of President Trumps second year in office; and this 417th day of his first of two terms in office;
We are lifting up our eyes to Your Holy Hill— Great Father!

Yes Lord, we know where our help comes from! And we are thanking You, we bless You for Your keeping hand on our President and our nation.

Our help comes from You Lord Elohim,
Creator of heaven and earth.
Thank You for not allowing our President’s foot to be moved;
We know He needs a lot help Lord, he is far from perfect, but there is only One who is perfect.

Lord, you have known everything there is to know about him from the git go; and you understand his every thought before it even enters his mind.

As I watched him in Pittsburgh the other night, as he opened, he said so many things that I didn’t like, that were really childish (from my perspective anyway) my heart grieved for him.

And then, he starting talking about the economy and the trade imbalances, and wisdom flowed from his lips like a river, that made me want to jump up and shout, YES!

And then I saw it, this gifted strong man, You have blessed with business sense standing in a powerful grace; it was like watching two different people.

This why our intercession is so important for him, as I have said, he is like each of us, he has strengths and weaknesses, and satan has always exploited the weaknesses of mankind.

They only way any of us move out from under the darkness of our blindspots, id through the prayers of others who can see what we can’t see, and appropriate Father’s mercy and love on our behalf.

Calling things that are not as though they are, when we do that we are calling the eternal end into the NOW! Father’s has written a glorious end for each of us if we will simply trust, obey, and implement what he shows us moment by moment.

Father, has read President Trumps heart like a book from the time of his treading water in his mother’s womb.

Father knows, every word he has spoken, all the words he about to speak, and all the words he will ever speak.
Elohim, knew every step our President would take, and every move he would make, before his journey even began.

In His infinite wisdom, Elohim, chose Donald J. Trump to be the 45th President of the United states of America. He chose him because of the things he has placed within him our nation desperately needs right now!

One of those things is vision! Vision of increase and not decrease, which is what flooded our nation the last eight years, we were led by a man who had no vision to increase and prosper America.

Donald Trump not only has vision for abundance, he is highly skilled at building what he sees!

Upsides, downsides, strengths, and weaknesses, the whole enchilada! Believe me, Father knows how to clean fish, and we bless what Father’s fish cleaning mercy is doing in the heart of Donald J. Trump on day 52/417 in office.

He who keeps Donald Trump is not slumbering!
Behold, He who keeps Israel, is keeping Donald Trump,
and He shall neither slumber nor sleep.

For all of his weaknesses, there has never been a President to follow through on his promises concerning declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel. When it is as plain as the nose on your face that it is!

Father loves people whose word is their bond, and do what they say they will do! So we thank You Father, for this man who is growing in the strength the power, the glory, and wonder of Your ways!

He’s not mature in not returning good for evil, are blessing those who curse him yet, but we pray that he will be!

We bless him today! Every childish thing within him that the enemy would use against him to cause him to stumble and fall; bless him with grace, grace, and more grace, to put every childish thing away, and arise as one of the greatest statesman our nation has ever known.

O we bless You Great Lord our Presidents keeper;
The shade at his right hand. So the sun worship curses of the Baal worshippers, and the twisted in the church, do not strike him by day, nor the witchcraft hexes and vexes, and the worshippers of the crescent moon by night.

Thank You Great Father, preserving him from all evil;
thank You for preserving his soul.
Lord God Almighty, we bless You, for preserving his going out and your coming in from this time forth, and even forevermore.

In the Name of Jesus we pray.

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