Praying for our America with James Nesbit, April 7, 2018

Praying with James Nesbit, April 7, 2018


Heavenly Father, on this 77th day of President Trumps second term in office; we thank You, for our nation being kissed with mercy, and that we have had 442 days of his leadership, rather than the leadership of the woman who was so handily defeated!

We are thanking You great Father, that You have blessed him with the backbone to stand against the hurricane force winds, blowing from every direction and every stinking portal of the leftist sewer system, and not bend!

Father, thank You for President Trumps, stand against China’s thievery of the wealth of our nation. He said yesterday, “He could close his eyes and look the other way, but if he did he wouldn’t be doing his job!”

If I had ten thousand hands, I would praise You with everyone for that right there; we are so tired of girly boy leadership, look what it’s done to the state of California. I better not get started naming places where the girly boys rule.

Thank You for giving us this rude, crude, politically incorrect offensive at times, warrior man, with some backbone to lead us for a while; Who runs the country like it’s a business! I hope and pray we never go back to the type of leaders we were electing before ever again.

I know Father, most folks can only see his weaknesses, because that is what the media spends 24/7 magnifying,
and that is why we are praying daily for our President to be clay in Your potter’s hands. We are trusting You to rub the edges that You don’t like right off!

Thank You, for Your hundred-fold blessing for his lovely wife Melania this day tender Father. You know the things in her heart that she is trusting You for; and we are thanking You in advance for ministering to the depths of all that she is with Your glorious love.

The media is so ugly to her, ugly words from ugly hearts; ugly is, what ugly does! Melania’s a class act, and drop dead gorgeous, that probably is some of what sets their jealous little pants on fire right there!

Where are the so called women’s organizations rising to her defense? The media wouldn’t have dared say the things about Michelle Obama they are saying about her; of course she’s one of their leftist little champions!

Why not light a fire under Your warrior women Lord, the Deborah’s, and the Esther’s, the Lydia’s, and those crazy fireball intercessory warriors, that love to stomp on the head of the devil every time he pokes his head through a crack!

Why not have them March on Washington D.C. in honor of Melania Trump?We are asking that fresh intercessory fires burn on her behalf this weekend.

Father, every time one of these poisoned pen reporters assaults her, cause her to shine like the sun, and magnify the beauty of the SON within her!

As a matter of fact, every time a word is written that is meant to hurt her or her husband, why not visit a thousand of the most hurting people in our nation, with the thunder of Your delivering power, and the lighting of Your awakening love!

In the Name of Jesus, thank You for hearing today Abba!

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