Praying for our America with James Nesbit, April 8, 2018

Praying with James Nesbit, April 8, 2018


Heavenly Father, thank You for Your mercy, that is deeper than the weight of all our sin. On this 78th day of the second year of Donald Trumps Presidency, and 443rd day of his first term, our hearts are filled with gratitude and deep thanksgiving for the depths of that mercy.

By all rights, with the blood of well over 50 million innocents on our hands, many of our leaders, and a Supreme Court who have said, to You forget Your order for marriage, they no more than You! And in pride, made it the law of the land for men to marry men!
Father, forgive them for supreme stupidity, and no fear of You!

I remember a portion of a song that Micheal W. Smith sang.
“When things get bad,
and you can’t stand to look;
it’s time to read to the end of the book!
Don’t put it down, until you get to the end
when Jesus comes and His Kingdom begins.”

Sometimes when I see and hear the foolishness, and inability to discern right from wrong, and see lawmakers call evil good and good evil, I almost can’t stand to look!

And believe me, it is time to stay in the book!
But the last line of that song doesn’t work for me;
His Kingdom has been moving like a mighty river for a long long time, I’m not waiting for it to begin.

Isaiah says it like this, “So they will fear the name of the Lord from the west And His glory from the rising of the sun. For He will come in like a narrow, rushing stream Which the breath of the Lord drives [overwhelming the enemy].”

We thank You for a mighty convicting river is running through our nation as we speak! Thank You, for ministers of fire, releasing awakening fire throughout the land.

We thank You for the eternal light of the synergy of intercessions, breaking the back of the powers of darkness, and causing the light of eternal truth to shine forth!

I don’t think Donald Trump really knew what he was getting himself into when ran for office, but he is in it now! Smack dab in the thick of it!

He wakes up every morning, with about half the nation hating him, all the witches cursing him, and the media trying to destroying him with each of his tweets and every word he speaks.

My Jesus, if ever there was a man who needs prayer, it is him!

What half of the nation doesn’t realize, is that even if you hate him, you don’t want to be cursing him; you want to bless him, to make good choices and wise decisions for us, our children, and our children’s children!

That can only happen through the mercy of the Creator of the earth, blessing him, and not just him, but those he has to deal with in the senate, and congress; half of them who wouldn’t vote for anything he proposes, no matter how good it is for the country, because if he looks good, it is bad for their party!
Deliver us O Lord!

Father, we are continuing to thank You for shifting this thing!
The upcoming midterm elections are important, and we are asking You to intervene!

Everybody, even the Chinese and the Russians, want to intervene, but we are asking You Father, in Your great mercy, to intervene Yourself!

Intervene in such a way, that everybody knows that You have intervened, and the fear of Your Holy Name fills the land!

Yes, the Name they are afraid of, the Name they hate and mock, the Name they have banned from every school, that’s the one!

And it’s in that Glorious Name we Pray
on this 78th/443rd day!
In Your Name Lord Jesus, King of Kings, Lord of Lords

I have designed a cool Pray for President Trump Coffee Cup,
I just love the color, they are $25 with FREE shipping.

On the Front it says:
Pray for President Trump Today

On the Back:
Through the Blood of the Son,
We call each branch of our
Government to eternal order.

“For the Lord is our Judge,
The Lord is our Lawgiver,
The Lord is our King;
He will save us.”
Isaiah 33:22

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