Praying for our America with James Nesbit, April 11, 2018

Praying with James Nesbit, April 11, 2018


Heavenly Father, we lift up our voices with the Four Living Creatures on this 81st day of President Trumps second year in office; And this 446th day of his first of two terms by Your supernatural grace, shouting Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, Who is, Who was, and Who is to come!

King of Justice, You see every in justice at work our against our President and his administration, we are thanking You that No weapon formed against him, or any doing righteously in this administration, will prosper; And every tongue which has risen against him in judgment he shall condemn.
And be proven right in the condemnation.

Lord, this is pull some stuff up by the roots week; thank You, full all those who have been willfully standing against Your plans and purposes for our nation, and have been given space to repent, but in the their haughtiness still refuse to turn around, yank them out by the root!

Cause their removal to fill those around them with Your life changing fear O Lord!

Father, we are thanking You for the troops that are being sent to the southern border, but we are thanking You even more, for doing what can’t do!

God of the Angel Armies, thank You, for loosing Your Angel Armies on the our southern border, let the drug cartels and their coyotes try to out maneuver them. Might as well loose the hounds of heaven to join the angels in the hunt!

As a matter of fact, send some revealing Angels to the DOJ and FBI and cause things that have been hidden in the dark to come fully out into the light.

We pray for John Bolton today, and ” Mad Dog” as they help our President choose wisely in his response to what the Syrian Regime has done to the innocent.

We are thanking You Great King, that day after day, and minute by minute, the weight of Your eternal justice is visiting every nation on earth; And Your Angel Armies are enforcing the Writ of Assistance, and evicting trespassing darkness in every village, hamlet, town, and city on the Big Blue Marble.

We welcome the full manifestation of the Your “It is Finished” blood bought Justice, tearing every dirty little kingdom down.

So, we apply the invisible force of Your mercy, to every door post, and blessing You, for Your mercy doing what Your mercy does so well; destroys the pride of men and every chain that binds them.

Right after Your revealing mercy visits them, let the full force of Your fear come through the door next; after they have a deep and thorough encounter with that, cause the beauty of Your kindness, that leads to repentance walk into the room!

That should just about shake the hell out of things pretty much, but if there is any hard headed knucklehead, that still refuses to bend the knee, bless them with the “Roar” of the voice of Your blood minister to the core of every cell.

Well Father, Thank You another good day, of Truth advancing, and darkness running away; in the Name of Jesus we pray!

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