Praying for our America with James Nesbit, April 13, 2018

Praying with James Nesbit, April 13, 2018


As I awoke this morning at 3:33am, Father reminded me of Jeremiah 3:33, one of my favorite passages, Call to Me and I will show You great and mighty things, that have been fenced in and hidden; that you didn’t recognize or perceive.

Quoting from memory as I wipe the sleep from my eyes, so my translation might not be exact.

But Heavenly Father, we thank You on this 83rd day of President Trumps second year in office; and this 448th day
Of his first term, that You are doing just that as we call upon You.

We thank You that You are revealing to the entire nation; what has been going on in the depths of the “Deep State” and who has really been colluding with who!

Thank You, for jerking the covers off!
We bless You for bringing everything that has been done in darkness, and empowered by darkness, out into the full light of day!

Thank You specifically, for that whole independent block of voters that shift elections, awakening from being lulled to sleep (I just fell asleep will writing) and seeing through the leftist propaganda!

And blessing our nation with a mid term surprise, we are thanking You for month after month awakening surprises, between now and then, even in the depths of the most radical leftist.

As we said the other morning Father, shake em’, wake em’, bake em’, and fill them with Your fear, the beginning of real wisdom; Not the demonically inspired crap they’ve been swimming around in, that masquerades as wisdom.

You know that kind that says a fetus is just a blob of tissue, and life doesn’t begin at conception.

You tells in Jeremiah chapter one Father, that you know us before You form in our mother’s womb!

And for the clueless, yes, it is wrong for men to sleep with men, and women with women! Your word plainly says it, it’s not something we’ve made up!

So bless their darlin’ hearts and perverted heads, to awaken from Satan’s snare, where they willing sacrifice their children on the altar of perversion; he is always after the seed!

In Your mercy, sweep across our nation with a tsunami of mass deliverance from the deception of the sodomite spirit; and begin with a shake em’, wake em’, bake em’, Holy Fear drenching visitation, on every leader in the land, that has aligned and cast a vote to give place for perversion in our land.

Thank You for the righteous being bold as a lion, speaking what You speak, going where You prompt them to go, doing what You show them to do , and praying what You speak in their hearts to pray!

Bless our President to awaken this morning, and arise in fresh strength, and empowered by Your zeal; not be goaded into doing something stupid where the investigation is concerned; We are trusting You to deliver him from every snare, and for You investigate the investigators!

Great God of all justice we thank You for administering Your justice on this Friday the 13th! What a great day for glorious victories to abound on every front, and an historic plundering of the enemy’s camp!

Yeah God of Thunder, plunder!
In The plundering Name of Jesus we pray!

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