Praying for our America with James Nesbit, April 14, 2018

Praying with James Nesbit, April 14, 2018


Here I am, penning tomorrows prayer for President Trumps 84th day of his second year in office, and 449th day of his first term, beginning in an airport in Memphis, ending in a hotel room in Philadelphia.

O Heavenly Father, how grateful we are for Your eternal goodness and the dream You hold in Your heart for every bloodline, family tree, and nation on the earth.

We are thanking You, that You lift up and You take down, and promotion comes from the goodness of Your hand.

We are praising You that all the leftist strategies to overturn the vote of the people, and remove President Trump are melting like wax in the hands of the perpetrators!

As a matter of fact, we are thanking You Father, that everything they have cooking for President Trumps demise, they taste themselves; and because they are so proud of their delectable recipe, they might as well enjoy a double portion.

So we bless You great Elohim, Creator of ALL things, thank You for blessing their taste buds with supernatural sensitivity, so that the better bile and gall they have been releasing upon our President, and all that he holds dear; and really any voice that dares disagree with them, washes back over them.

Let the after taste, of the acid reflux of their poison words, be the gift just keeps on giving, and fill every part of their being; until a cry for mercy and grace
Works a deep humility within them, and they turn and step into the fullness of Your kindness which leads to repentance.

Your Word says, ALL who call upon Your Name good Father, shall be saved. In the midst of their kindness encounter, let the very Name they have so bitterly mocked, ridiculed, and opposed, become sweeter than honey upon their lips.

And the sweetness of Your saving grace rush through the gates of every cell, and every age abiding door!

So we say, lift up Your heads O ye Gates, and be lifted up Every age abiding door,
The King of Glory, the Lord strong and mighty is rushing in, and releasing wave after wave of delivering mercy!

O Father, bless them to awaken in grace, and join the chorus of the blood redeemed in decreeing; your Name is like honey on our lips, Your Spirit like Water to My soul, (Yes, sweet Lord, go ahead and baptize them in the Holy Ghost!) Your Word is a lamp unto our feet!

Light ‘em up Lord, and let the truth of Your word set them on fire for about a week! Until they are cryin’ stop we can’t handle any more, Your love is killing me!

There ya go, perfect! Now they are gettin’ it! Your love is….

In the sweet Name of Jesus we pray.

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