Counting My Blessings

Today is a wonderful time to be alive! I am so very grateful to be alive! I am just smiling and can hear laughter bubbling up.

Why am I so joyful! Has something special happened to me?

I guess you can say that I have just realized some wonderful prayers that have been answered…you know sort of while I wasn’t paying attention…but they are answered all the same.

God has fulfilled for me many promises…He has answered many of my prayers!

I have to first thank God for answering my Mama’s promises. She asked God to provide her girls with good men to take care of us. She also prayed for all those grand children, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren.  We are so blessed!!

As I am very much an American Constitutionalist…I am so grateful not only that we have the freedom to worship as we choose…but that the media world around us is filled with preaching, teaching, and worship music. Hallelujah!

I see the men and women who blessed my socks off as I learned to not just go to church but to be the church entering my life in my early 30’s. Most of them are still going strong having stood the trials and tribulation of standing for the Truth. Now, their sons and daughters and grandchildren continue the legacy they began.

How grateful I am also for the authors and Bible Study teachers that have affected my life…some I know in person. How very grateful I am for this gift.

Thanks be to the LORD for all the friends I have on fb…from my past both school and church… as well as new ones made on fb. All the prayers and saying Amen when prayer is lifted by me for all my family the last few years. I am so grateful for the Body of Christ!

We have elections facing us soon and I am grateful that we have the right to vote that our precious military have kept secure for us. I’m grateful for a President and Vice President who know that JESUS is LORD of America.

I believe I must add here not as last or least but maybe the top of my list! I thank my God that He is my friend just like Abraham. I believe that God will do what He says He will do so as I praise Him with a thankful heart…He inhabits my praise. I remain in the Secret Place under His wings…resting in HIM!

Thank You God that You are in control!



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