Thank You LORD for Answering our Prayer…


We Your Children have been praying for a very long time for the overturn of Roe Versus Wade. We just didn’t realize how long it would take. Thank You LORD for teaching us perseverance in prayer.

Remember how young I was LORD and how very far away from you I was! I had a two-year old, and our small family had just bought our first house. My husband served our nation during the Viet Nam War as a Crew Chief on a C 1-30, and there was much moving around. How thankful we were to be home and establishing some roots.

When my 2nd son was born I had my hands so full! I mean when the first pro-lifers had their first silent march through Atlanta, I was oblivious. I did not know that killing our babies had become the law of our land.

Forgive me LORD for I did not know what I was doing!

Thank You LORD that I turned from my wicked way of ignorance is bliss mentality. Thank You for my sister Gloria making sure that all three of her sisters were saved. ¬†Thank You for Carole reminding me of this every year, and for her taking me to my first Eagle Forum Meeting. Thank You for Gloria, Beth, and Georgia (Beth’s next door neighbor) following Your lead to establish Mothers on the March…MOM…that with Eagle Forum defeated Equal Rights Amendment in GA. We were one of the 4 states to successfully lobby our states. Woo Hoo!!!

LORD You raised up all those women who prayed, fasted, marched with signs, wrote letters, and lobbied representatives and senators at our capitol building. Thank You for all the babies saved by MOM’s presence all over so many states. Thank You for so many babies saved by Beth and Georgia meeting those precious mostly young women.

I remember marching for LIFE in Atlanta…and I remember marching with the thousands in St. Louis in the National March for LIFE! Thank You LORD for choosing us and giving us this assignment. Thank You for all the work done by GRTL (Georgia Right to Life) and the NRTL (National Right to Life) and for all the volunteers who do great work.

I have never stopped marching for LIFE! You anointed me to accomplish this assignment in the earth and now I accomplish that same assignment by marching for LIFE in the heavenlies. Women Who Pray prayer warriors pray for all the unborn citizens of the United States.

Thank You LORD for President Donald Trump! Thank You in advance for his nomination going through! We thank You for the Supreme Court perfectly balanced such that the 9 justices declare the end of the massacre of the unborn. Thank You LORD for preparing us for this Day!

As our President does what he has promised, it is time for us to stand and call, write, text, email, or lobby our senators and representatives. We must put feet on our prayers! We must stomp, tromp, shout, and dance. We must occupy America until HE COMES!!!








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