Blessing from us to you!

May the LORD Bless you and Watch over you.  May HE Guard you… and Keep you forever and ever!

May the LORD make HIS Face to Shine Upon you and May HE Enlighten you.

May HE Be Gracious unto you…Kind…Merciful and Giving you HIS Favor!!

May the LORD Bless you and Watch Over you! May HE Guard you and Keep you ALWAYS!!!

May our LORD JESUS CHRIST…the LORD sitting at the right hand of the FATHER…through that same SPIRIT that raised JESUS from the dead…Lift Up HIS Approving Countenance upon us.

May our God…Jehovah…Yaweh…Yeshua Hamashiach give us Tranquility of Heart…HIS Peace that passes ALL Understanding…HIS SHALOM. May we walk in HIS life continually and forever.   

From Numbers 6:24-26 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

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