Praying for My Whole Tent

I feel the need to have my tent know that they are blanketed in prayer today and every day. The prayer of Jabez is for God to expand our territories. The prayer of Isaiah 54 is for us to lengthen our cords and strengthen our stakes.

When the Lord called me to intercede, He said, “If you will follow me, I will bring them all.” As I asked, “My husband and children?” He said, “All!” I asked, “My parents…my sisters, and their families?” He said, “All!” I asked all my extended family? “He said, “All!” I asked, “All my friends and co-workers and churchmembers?” He said, “All!” I realized that if I could think of them…and lift them up in prayer…no matter who they were in my past, present, and future…then, I could depend on the Lord to bring them. That’s how this blanketing prayer over people began…

Every morning, I pray or hear prayed by one of my prayer warriors the following:

Thank You, Father, for sending Your Word, the Lord Jesus, and healing us and delivering us from our destructions. We give You thanks for Your loving kindness, and for Your wonders to the sons of men. We bring to You, Lord, all requests and petitions for healing – believing that You – Jehovah Rophe – are our healer!

We lift up our whole tent, and we pray a hedge of protection around each and every one of their spirits, souls, and bodies. We include, all our sick, all our elderly, all our children, all our grandchildren, all our friends, all our peers, all pregnant Mamas, all the unborn, all the newborn, all the babies, all husbands and husbands to be, all wives and wives to be, all single parents, all parents, all teachers, all firemen, all policemen, all the public sector, all the private sector, all our communities, all our states, all our nations, all the Church, and all that concerns any and all in our tent: all in our past, all in our present, and all in our future.

We speak strength and release of pressure and stress to each and every cell, tissue, muscle, ligament, tendon, joint, bone, organ, organ system and the whole body of each and every person in our tent. We speak health and healing to all in our tent. We are healed forever through the blood and by the stripes of Jesus of Nazareth, our Saviour and Lord.

I pray that you will believe and receive this covering for you and yours, and that you will agree with us for the salvation of our whole tent!

In Jesus’ Name!

Amen and Amen!


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