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Hey, family and friends of Women Who Pray!

I just have to share with you how wonderful the book Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo has been for me. I bought it with my daughter in-law a few months back, and I only completed it yesterday. It was not because I didn’t want to read it, or that I didn’t enjoy it, but my granddaughter, who I was reading it with, had asked me to not read it without her. Yesterday, since we’ve not been together to complete it, I felt an urgency to sit down, while men were at my home putting in the U-verse set-up for my computer and telephone and my 2-year-old granddaughter was taking her nap.

Pastor Burpo is a good writer. Many that I’ve spoken with read the book through in one sitting. I loved it that as he wrote us the book, he let us know how many times he had to check the scripture, as his son unveiled this story. The appendectomy and all that happened to Colton was in 2003, before he turned 4 years old. It was published in 2010, when he was 11. When asked why the book took so long to write, Pastor Burpo said that Colton was three when his visit to Heaven happened, and it was over several years that he would remember something else and reveal to his family.

I want to let you know that this book has blessed my socks off! It has so satisfied me like the wonderful song goes, It is Well with My Soul! Stay with me as I share the Truths of this book to we the last days’ Church!! It blesses me to know that God is letting us know through a dear brother in Christ and his family how much He loves us and that we truly are to Fear Not! as the day grows nigh!

When it was a 3 year-old child that visited Heaven and was sharing with his parents what he saw and heard, I was reminded of my children when they were young and the things they would tell me. I remembered when Frank was helping me in a little garden that I had planted with the help of his brothers, and Frank said, “Who’s that Mama?” I said, looking all around us, “Who’s who?” He said, “Can’t you see him, Mama, the one with all the sheep?” Startled but very intriqued with this, I said, “What does he look like?” Frank said, “He has on a blue robe and a stick in his hand.” Amazed, but that wasn’t the only time.

Another time, riding with my children in the car, I prayed for safety, asking God to station angels around our car. When I repeated myself, Ted said, “Don’t you see them, Mama? They’re all there.” Well, I wasn’t seeing them, but I knew that according to the Word, they were there. I asked, “What do they look like?” Ted said, “They look like men dressed in suits with different colored hair.”
Two accounts of children seeing demonic activity were once when Frank stood at the front window of our house screaming in fear. He said, “He’s coming! Make him stop!” I could not console him even though I saw nothing. Frank described him as a Ninja and said he was huge. My husband finally walked over and spoke out the window very firmly, “STOP! You cannot come to our house!” “Thank you, Daddy,” said Frank as he hugged him tightly. Obviously, he was gone.

My sister was in the tub when her very young daughter came in to visit. All of a sudden, her daughter screamed, “Who is that?” as she climbed up on the toilet and stood up! My sister, with her heart in her throat, but feeling very defenseless until she gathered her towel around her, said, “I rebuke you, in Jesus’ Name!” Her daughter then went about her business, changing the subject.
I was taught as a child all about Heaven, by my parents, Sunday School teachers, and pastors. I’ve been sure that it has to be so much better than earth. My mother, a precious Bible teacher, went home to be with the LORD last year. During her last several years, though she missed her husband dearly, she was not looking forward to seeing him in Heaven. She seemed to think he was not going to know her.

My sisters and I tried to assure her that the scripture she was misunderstanding meant that they would not know each other as husband and wife because there was no reason to procreated. We were all certain that we will know each other. I was convinced even more, when I clearly, on two occasions, felt the presence of my Daddy, who went Home to be with the Lord in 2003. I asked God, “What is this? I know we don’t believe in ghosts, but I’m so aware that I’m in the presence of my Daddy!” Then, to my mind came the wonderful scripture about the cloud of witnesses that cheers us on!
To know that the two most wonderful parents anyone could have, my own, are not only not sick but are young because no one is old there, just makes me shout!!! My parents were so much fun with their children and grandchildren, and, they seemed so young when they were first senior citizens. Then, there was so much sickness, and they aged much in their last years. Seeing them sing, dance, kick up their heels as young adults is a wonderful picture I now have!

Colton meeting his other sister was a real joy for me in the book. I shared the experience of miscarriage with Sonja, Colton’s mother. That experience was very hard on me, and I felt a spirit of torment around me for several years. In fact, a dear lady, named Martha, helped me with inner healing in this area. The guilt that Sonja speaks of in the book accompanied my loss. I had named that baby, who I knew was a boy, George. He had weighed a pound or so, as I was about 20 weeks in my pregnancy. To know that he is grown now, and that he will run to me and hug me is wonderful!! I used to say that my mother had 17 grandchildren, and she would say no, only 16, and I’d remind her of George.

When Colton spoke of the large wings on his grandfather and the small ones he had, I questioned the LORD. Wings LORD? We will have wings? I was thinking on the scripture that says man is born a little lower than the angels, and raised to a higher realm in Jesus, but I knew we weren’t angels, so…wings??? Then, clearly into my spirit came Psalm 91 that I pray daily, “He shall cover us with His feathers, and under His wings we shall take refuge (verse 4).” We are made in His likeness, and that’s why the wings. So amazing!!

About animals in Heaven, I remember when Ken Copeland said, “I’m not sure about the other animals, but there must be horses, as He and His Church shall ride them…Revelation. I know the Word tells us to take care of them, and I know that I have been able to talk to and communicate with many of the ones I’ve had…dogs, cats, and even a couple of chickens. They don’t speak English, but they do communicate with sounds or body language. I’m pleased to know they’re there.

Over and over, Colton could not quite describe Jesus. As his parents and he would see many pictures, he would tell them that something here or there was not quite right. As we came to the part near the end of the book about another child who had visited Heaven, and who had been raised by an atheist, but had such art divinely given to her, my memory was triggered. Pastor Turbo called her by name, Akiane. Hmmm…seems like I have a book by her…I’ll have to check. I kept reading and Colton identified her drawing of Jesus called Prince of Peace: The Resurrection as what Jesus looks like. Then, today, I found my book, called Akiane..her life, her art, her poetry. I have the picture right here. How precious!

Colton also reminds his parents again and again of how much our God…and our Jesus…love children! The 1st song given to me by the Holy Spirit, is Suffer the Children to Come to Me. I love and always have loved that children are precious in His sight! The loss of my baby, and the recognition of the unborn as citizens with rights…as well as teaching children for over 19 years…also teaching K-garten, Homeschool, Choir, AWANAS, Sunday School, etc., …and now being called Mama on my Women Who Pray prayer page…has increased that love I have for children. My grandmother and aunt and great aunt roles — and mother in-law, as well as mother have all enhanced as my love for Jesus and my missing of my own mother has increased. Jesus does love all the children! I’m a child of the King! a Princess!! Woo Hoo!!!

The last part that just thrilled me as I read it yesterday! Colton was telling his Daddy that there are swords in Heaven, and that there was going to be a war. He told him in so many words, “Daddy, you are in the battle, but it’s ok, We Win!!” I have learned to wield my sword…the WORD of God …not only sometimes, but every day, and even the very 1st thing in the morning!! I clad myself daily for battle…not flesh and blood…but against principalities, and powers in the air! I love that we not only battle…but without fear…for We Win!!!

GLORY HALLELUJAH!! It just confirms to me my mission in this earth! I know that I prepare for battle daily!! I know that I am here to prepare others for what’s to take place in our near future!! As the Church begins to cry, Come quickly LORD JESUS, we are sooo pleased that the LORD is patient and not willing for any to perish, but for all to come to repentence. We wait with and on the LORD, also being patient that none perish, not one!!

In Jesus’ Name,


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