Amazing is Our God! July 25, 2013

I stand amazed again as I sit at the feet of Jesus…marveling over how much He loves me!

I am so filled with the preciousness of His extravagance…that He will seek out that 1 and leave the 99 to go pick that little one up and place on His shoulders and bring him back!

I’ve been noticing the little things…maybe…ummmmmm…smelling the roses…or…counting the blessings…

I have been reminded of prayers…even words that I’ve spoken aloud …that have come to pass…

For instance, I take my grandchildren to AWANAs at my Church during the school year, and while they are at AWANAs, I work with the ESL program (English is a  Second Language).  I’ve been doing the 2 things for 3-4 years, now, and I’ve known and even shared with others that the reason the ESL students were late and couldn’t be rewarded for being on time if they had children in the AWANA program…it was because the AWANA program didn’t start until 6:45p.m., though the ESL program began at 6:30p.m.

That was also the reason the parents were late picking up their children.  The ESL lasted until 8:30 p.m. and AWANAs ended at 8:15 p.m.  Well, after 3 years of my not being able to substitute because I was always late, and that’s also why I couldn’t be a teacher of ESL, now, guess what has happened?  The 2 programs will begin and end at the same time, beginning this Fall.

Now, that may sound trivial…but God heard me! He also had me tell others. I’ve been in my church 25 years now, and I did tell the teacher I work with and she did tell the leaders at the staff meetings, but changing the program was a major answer to my prayer…and it solves several problem.

Sometimes it takes awhile for people to see from each other’s perspective…to see the big picture…and seeing God work this out for me…as well as the many now…it’s such a God’s Way thing.  Pieces had to fall in place for the puzzle to be solved…like the domino effect.

Several years back, I was appalled when I realized that little ones in the nursery area were sharing big toilets…that they were climbing up…even with a stool…to adult toilets.  The church I was raised in had the children toilets…and I really wanted them to be installed in the new building that was being built.

I began to separate like $100 of my tithe/offering to my church and wrote each month on my church envelope …$100 for children’s toilets in the new building.  It looked like that was just a little thing…but God heard me…he heard my concern that I voiced to some other women and told them what I was doing.

Well, I never checked to see if anyone else did this…or if others were concerned…but there are indeed the children toilets in the Nursery area of the newest building.  Holy Spirit let me know …He made me notice them the 1st time I walked into the restrooms where they were.

Now, I’m looking at what has just happened to one of our prayer warriors.  I have been asking God to visit or make very real to my children…and all nephews…nieces…in-laws…cousins…all extended family…to make them to know exactly where they stand with Him! I’ve said visions…angels…or the right disciplers to turn their hearts fully toward You, LORD!

I know that I’m not alone as a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, great-aunt, sister in-law, cousin…that many of you also are concerned about the state of so many of our family members.  Well, just listen to this story of our God’s extravagance.

Our prayer warrior was sitting in her car when a total stranger walked up and told her to repent! Our sister in Christ said it scared her…that the hair on her arms stood up…that she immediately began thinking of what was between her and her LORD!

As she told me, my flesh might have spoken and said, “What a nut!” However, Holy Spirit let me not speak but listen to all that unfolded.  She searched her heart and found some hurt places with people.  As she was doing this, the stranger returned and said to her, Do it NOW!!

She had been thinking, I don’t do any of the things I used to do…but LORD, You have been telling me to be more compassionate…to care about these that have hurt me…to pray for them.

I was surprised at my response.  I said, “Well, she was speaking Word to you!”  As I said this I remembered the song the LORD gave me many years ago that says Repent! Repent! The Kingdom of God is at hand! Repent! Repent! the Kingdom of God is at hand! Sound the trumpet!

I began to speak blessings and praise the LORD for this stranger’s courage to speak boldly and without apology to my little sister in Christ!

Hope! Blessed Assurance!! Both arose in me that the LORD will and is answering my prayer for my whole family…and as well for my whole tent! Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!!

And, what it did for this precious sister! She was clearly shown how extravagant our God is! How much He values her!  That He sent a stranger to speak Truth to her! For now she’s done what she knew to do…but the right discipler came to her!!! Woooooo Gloooorrrryyyy!!! Shouting to You, LORD, the voice of triumph!!!!

I could go on…but not this time! It’s time for you to meditate…to stop and smell the roses here! to count your blessings! To stand on your promises!!!

For the LORD is good, and his mercy endureth forever!!!!

In Jesus’ Name, and for His sake, Amen and Amen…

Until the next time,



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