Mothers On the March!! Wooooo Hooooo!!!! June 8, 2015

Mothers On the March!! Wooo Hoooo!!!   June 6, 2015

Good morning precious women of God!!

I am so overwhelmed…not with problems…but with the Goodness of God! I am just praising LORD GOD our FATHER…JESUS OUR SOON TO COME MESSIAH! … and GOD our HOLY SPIRIT who raised Jesus from the dead and is in us to walk in LIFE EVERLASTING…from beginning new birth…through all life throws our way…and into ETERNITY! Death has no sting for us…therefore, our only Fear is FEAR of GOD…the beginning of knowledge and wisdom!!! Woo hoo!!!

I have just watched with my husband two very elegant black women…parents of children in a public school in a metro-Atlanta county. The women…with statistics in hand and with the news reporter showing on the screen…the very low statistics in that school. These parents…MOTHERS…are appealing to the school board of their public school district!

My ears are open and alert as a mother…as a retired teacher of public school in a nearby metro-Atlanta school district who has been to board meetings and watched how the process works. These precious women…elegant readers and speakers…are charging the elected officials with the fact that students from this school are graduating high school totally unprepared for college or the work force…as they can’t read.

WOW!!!!!!! Woooooooo Hoooooooooooooo!!!!!

I answered my call to teach after 23 years of home-making and entered college to complete my bachelor’s degree. I had the intent to teach when I graduated high school…but married after my associate’s degree.

My desire to teach came after reading the book Why Johnny Can’t Read and identifying my husband’s issues with writing due to bad spelling…and feeling less smart than others around him. Believing that he could overcome those things…I watched over the years…knowing him from the age of 17…marrying him when he was 21…being with him as he was in air force for 4 years…watching him return and finish his associate’s degree with honors…watching him teach automotives in technical school…as he worked as mechanic…then part-owner of car lot…then full owner of car lot…now also owner of construction company…and he just never stops.

Believing in him…and my sons…and my students who could not learn they’d say to me…but did learn with me…and now retired…I am still teaching grand girls…and nieces…and younger women of children…and now the nations…it just goes on and on….well, it just has made me an adamant believer in God’s WORD that says there’s nothing impossible with our God.

Now back to my discussion with my Hubby…

As we watched this discussion mount between us…sounding like it could at any moment be an argument where things were said that were not appropriate to the discussion…not vulgar words but angry or just wasteful words…unimportant to what was being accomplished here…I began to realize that I was speaking for Mothers.

My husband would say remember when you were teaching and you told me these things. I said but that was the teacher stance…with hands tied by the administration. This is the all powerful parent stance! If the parents are for the right and are righteous in their stance for the children…instead of gnawing on and chewing up and spitting out the teacher…but empowering the teacher to teach…by taking on the administration and the elected officials…they would be able to straighten out the illiteracy problem in each school.

What my husband was saying is true now…as it stands. There was only a handful of mothers…and only two were being filmed to speak so we can hear…in other words only a symbol…only 1-2 in a ratio of like 800 parents in that school.

It is true that that ratio looks impossible! But what do we Christian mothers know to be true! What looks impossible to man…is possible with our GOD!!!

I’ve been the underdog…or the 1 standing against the tidal wave so to speak!!! I’ve spoken boldly as president of Mothers On the March in the late 1970’s early 1980’s…I spoke and raised up the 1000 mothers with children that were at the GA Capitol building standing against the ERA…when Judy and Chuck Carter were lobbying at the same time…and we defeated the Equal Rights Amendment! GA was one of the 4 states that defeated the ERA…therefore that amendment was not added to our Constitution.

I wrote in a book called Women Who Do and Women Who Don’t Join the Women’s Movement. My chapter is the only one that is not very liberal…and I spoke of JESUS in that book.

MOM is included in books about the Women’s Movement …and Teddi Holt appears here and there. That’s me.

There’s a poem that goes: I’m only one…But I am one.  I can’t do everything but I can do something.  And what I can do I will by God’s Grace Do…because I AM ONE!

When Emily and I went to India…we went as Women Who Pray…ONE! Asha had been praying that we come not knowing who she was asking for. We didn’t meet. She found me on facebook after I was home and she picked up where we left off. Notice she was ONE. She has begun 13 churches since we left…under the umbrella of Women Who Pray…and a young man who came to her from Northern India…Ben…has 4 of his churches under us also.

Can you hear what I’m saying?

I am applauding these precious women in Clayton County Georgia…appearing before their elected school officials and not just stating the problem…but doing it so elegantly…with such integrity! I see the importance of them speaking out as mothers for all the children in their school and all the schools like them under the jurisdiction of that school board.

It is important that the women are the same color and of the same background of the children…the teachers and administration in the school…and the school board. Otherwise it becomes a racial issue.

Hear me?

We are so deceived by our eyes. We see each other as old and young…male and female…black and white…Jew and Gentile…north and south…democrat and republican…Baptist and Methodist and Catholic. We separate ourselves…categorize…classify…divide…divide…divide!!!!

The LORD said in John 17: “that they be ONE Father…as You and I are ONE!!!

We are waiting on Him and He’s waiting on us!

Father, I pray unity in the Body of Christ! I pray unity in the family! I pray unity in the school! I pray unity in the city…the state…the nation!!!

LORD You were and are right today! A House divided will not stand!!!

The foundations of family…church…community…city…state…nation…are shaking!!!!!!!!!!

You say:
If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Psalm 11:3   (KJV)

Father, forgive us for allowing it to get like this…for not standing before and facing the enemy of our families…our children. We repent…we turn from our wicked way …and we seek Your Face! We thank You that You hear us and You will heal our land!

Thank You that we are the forgiven and we say so! We are the redeemed and we say so! We take back our place as the family established by You LORD!

Whether we stand with fathers or alone as mothers…we are not alone because we stand in You! We stand in the numbers of mothers who have been called from Jeremiah to stand against the spirit of death that has entered our homes.

Thank You LORD for Your call to come out from this mess and allow You to complete Your plan in us! We are Your servants LORD! We are not taking each other out but joining arm to arm and slaying the enemy!!

Let our words be only Yea and Amen!! In Jesus’ Name!

Given to me by my daughter in-law a couple of weeks ago…

Nehemiah 4:14b
We do not fear our enemies for our LORD is great and awesome! Therefore we stand and fight for our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters, our husbands and wives, and our whole household…our tent!

And this is our song!!!

Amen and Amen!

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