Praying for America

Praying with James Nesbit, November 22, 2017

Heavenly Father, thank You for hearing and answering the prayers of Your people, we bless Your Holy Name.

On this 306th day of Donald Trumps Presidency, light is piercing darkness in every mountain, corrupt stars are falling, and what has been done in darkness, is being brought into the fullness of the light.

For example, Seventeen Million dollars of tax payer money, settling 264 claims, to keep victims quiet of sexual harrassment, over the last 29 years! Taxpayers and even many congressmen, didn’t even know this fund existed.

That’s what happens when the lights come on, we are turning the light switch on, and watching the cockroaches run. Thank You Father, for continuing to uncover every hidden thing!

At the same time, those in Alabama, who have known Judge Moore for decades, have been coming to his defense, refuting false claims made by the media, concerning the yearbook, the Mall, and so called restaurant encounters, saying it is all false.

I believe, when the swamp establishment (Mitch McConnel, spending over $30 million dollars, to keep Judge Moore out of office) and the Media launched the campaign to destroy Judge Moore, they unwittingly opened the door to the skeletons in their own closets, and triggered a sexual assault avalanche.

There has been more than one prophetic word about justice coming out of Alabama, I believe this assault on Judge Moore loosed that justice.

This is a prophecy from Cindy Jacobs, April 4, 2014-

“And the Lord would say to the State of Alabama, I am going to cause you to be the voice of Judicial Reform. God says there will be an anointing come out of Alabama that is going to reverse the judicial activism that has been in this nation says God.

I’m going to give weight to your voice. I’m going to give strength to your voice. I say Alabama will be a first fruits state that will be a bastion, that will begin to undo the agendas to take the values of Jesus Christ out of this nation God says. And I’m going to use Alabama to reverse what satan has done. And it will begin, it will tip the nation.
I will restore judges as at the first says the Lord. Amen.”

So Father, through the blood of Your Son, we bring this word to You! We honor the word of the prophets, we decree, this word will manifest in fullness!

We bring Judge Moore before You, who have seen all things, we know that nothing from 40 years ago was hidden from Your eyes.

As we have said from the beginning, if Roy Moore is guilty, deal with him as You will, but if his accusers are guilty, and this is political filth at its depths, administer Your justice, swiftly, and accurately, as You see fit!

Between now and 12.12, the date of the Alabama election, thank You, for causing Your fear O Lord to shake this nation!

And Lord, as only You can, bring the eternal truth to the surface, and let shame of face rest, where it belongs. Thank You for hovering over the face of the deep!

The number 12 represents government, I believe, that this 12.12 gate, is very strategic, for the future of our nation, that is why all hell has come against Judge Moore!

King of Glory, have Your Glory, King of Justice, release Your Justice, King of Order, call everything to Plumb Line Order!

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