The WORD is Health to all our flesh

Amazing time we are living in! The bad is gettinworse…chaos…havoc…unruliness…anger…

Sin abounding everywhere! We of the elders…hard to believe that I’m there…well we are finding that no one wants our advice.

We are finding that our voices are fainter…and our bodies are weaker…even if we walk, run, stretch, eat correctly…we still are not like we were.

Our bodies must be built up everyday…and it takes longer to do everything…

It’s very important to  take care of these bodies…because they are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Emotionally most people are drained by the end of the day…so much coming at us every single day!

What is so amazing though…at least it is to those of us who have spent time in prayer and Bible Study…those of us who have spent time in the Secret Place of the Most High…is that we find it easier to operate in the Spiritual realm.

We no longer have to call a fast…or make our bodies or minds behave…or obey…we simply listen and move exactly when God says.

We no longer have to make resolutions or give things up at lent that torments us…we simply worship Him in all His Holiness.

It really is not about us.  John was so wonderful to tell us this and James…and Paul…and David…Peter too! and all those following Yaweh!

Jesus in us the hope of glory I knew a long time before I began walking in it.

I used to have to get ready…now I stay ready…

I never take my armor off…

That doesn’t mean I don’t veer but if even a toe or a hair is out from under my protective covering…all chaos breaks loose.

My covering is my husband. If I was unmarried it would be my father.

I could preach all about submission…or subordination…but that’s not what it is about. It is the order of power…it is the place of protection.

Very clearly our military understands submission…for the Commander in Chief even has 4 different levels of generals alone…4 star…3…2…and 1.

Then there is the Full Bird Colonel…and the Lieutenant Colonel…and on down the line to the private.

Big deal if they do not salute their superior officer.

If our families understood that the person with the highest rank had the most responsibility God…just like the 4 star general has more responsibility to keep all below him in order to the Commander in Chief, they would operate much smoother.

We can’t keep God’s commandments that he gave Moses…for if we break one we break them all.

However, God said if we love Him with all our hearts, souls and minds…and we love our neighbor (anyone else) as ourselves…then we have fulfilled the law.  The law of GRACE…LOVE…the law Believers are set free to do.

Amazing when we realize the Grace God has given me…the unmerited…totally undeserved Grace that He’s given me is a gift that I can share with all that He gives me…my husband, children, sisters, nieces, nephews…friends…and even those that hate me.

Love is the same…I don’t have to love only those who love me…though that’s the easiest…I can love them to life! I mean I can love them because they are God’s child or will be if I love them in prayer…that lifts up Jesus which draws all of them.

I’m walking in an amazing place…I have a sister and a cousin…prayer warriors…who are under attack…and the God in me is at peace that He that knows tomorrow has brought me into such a peaceful place tonight.

There are many people praying…my sister is an evangelist…with so many she has won  going to be there with us in Heaven. We are expecting You LORD to deliver her today…because each day is Today. We’re not promised tomorrow…and it never comes anyway. Such a God thing!

My cousin witnesses the power of God in her suffering…she is such a blessing to all around her. Both of these women I am so blessed to have as relatives…and as sisters in the family of God.

Praying for a niece

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