Shemitah…Jubilee…Recalibration and Repentance

What a year this has been thus far! We must be in the time of Matthew 24 with nation rising against nation…and kingdom against kingdom…wars and rumors of wars…famine, pestilence…earthquakes…a lot of rocking and reeling in the earth. We’ve also had some of the coldest and hottest weather in the U.S. this year…many fires…flooding…more shark attacks…more airplanes falling out of the sky than I ever remember. Our government has agreed to allow Iran to build nuclear weapons…while pretending they are choosing a peaceful means of settlement. The Church worldwide has more persecution than ever seen in all of history…very possibly the greatest holocaust ever. This is the world scene!

On our national scene…we have people trying to re-write history…like this nation never split into to countries and fought each other. There were things going on on both sides that I would not have been in favor of. Slavery was not only in the south…but also in the north…as well as sweat shots and child labor and tenant farming. There were white people on both sides of the argument…because there was only a very small percentage of any other color here at that time…and only white had a voice. Women could not vote…and I’m glad we do now…but that issue was fought by men on both side of the argument as women did not have a voice.

It has been so wonderful here in Georgia where we have Confederate soldiers and president carved on Stone Mountain…to hear black young adults saying…”You can’t change what happened…You can’t re-write the history books.” These young people know what the Jews know. We can’t let people forget wrong-doing in history…or we might just repeat it. Slavery is not something we want to return to…nor the sweat shops…nor the child labor…nor the treatment of the Chinese who built our railroads…nor the treatment of the Native Americans.

The worst going on here in the U.S. is the changing of our government. We no longer have checks and balances of our three branches of government. Our elected officials no longer make the laws. If they do, and the president doesn’t like it…he writes an executive order to cast it down…or if they won’t pass legislation…he writes an executive order to pass whatever he pleases. Our Supreme Court passed law for the third major time that I know of this summer. It changed the Constitutional definition of marriage. In 1963…the Supreme Court took prayer out of school though there is prayer every day in the National Congress…both houses…and in each state. In 1973 it took the right to live from the unborn baby…not an egg or a sperm…but the zygote…the 1st cell of a person…that only needs food and time to grow into one of us…well now we have murdered over 60 million. We also have federally funded Planned Parenthood with our tax money…which has now been proven to have sold body parts for profit…and there is good reason to believe Wicca is the religion of several of the Planned Parenthood people.

Now, on the home scene…I don’t know about you but much has happened to our family of recent days. Our prayer list is long…many people struggling…sickness, distress, despair, loss of job…and more.

Did you read Harbinger or have you listened to Jonathan Cahn the Messianic Jew who wrote it? It is about warnings. Every Shemitah year…7th year of a 7-year pattern…God gives the opportunity to His people to Rest…Old Testament was planting…not sure all the Jews consider now. In the U.S. and in the Church…planting is not what we all do…but we do busy ourselves…and much of our business is not God-pleasing.

I hear Cindy Jacobs mention that 2015 was a year to recalibrate…to change, turn, about face. If I put this with the harbinger and the time for this Shemitah to end…September 13, 2015…as that is the end of and beginning of a Shemitah cycle of 7 years. Shemitah is a year like the Sabbath is a day…both for rest.

I’ve decided that since this is the year of Jubilee…the 49th year…the 7th year of a 49 year cycle…and that it actually is a symbol of not only rest from work but forgiveness…all debts are blotted out during a Jubilee year.

All of this has made me look closely at my life. Do I have any debts to pay? Not just financial…but do I need to ask anyone to forgive me? And, if I have those who have harmed me…do I need to make sure that I walk in total forgiveness.

I am a Believer…and I do believe my Messiah is returning soon. I know that the LORD told Hezekiah to get his life…his home…in order. I’m hearing the LORD tell me to do the same. I’m also hearing Him tell me to warn all that hear my voice the same thing!

We all sense the atmosphere going on around us! We all know the hour is late and it’s time to allow the LORD to correct His children while there is still time!

LORD I give You all the Glory for what You have given me this day to say…in Jesus’ Name…Amen and Amen.

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Dreamin…. re-posting from June 14, 2011 THE TEST!!!

Posting what I posted June 14, 2011…so timely to re-look at this dream and see if I’m ready for the test…

I never dream! People have told me dreams and have explained them to me or asked what I thought a dream to mean. I’ve been told everyone dreams but not all remember them. Well, dreams and me have not walked together. I might think about something and begin trying to work it out as I sleep…and when awakened if it is a mess…I try to change the outcome when I lay back down.

I’ve seen some pictures in my mind, or had a mind’s eye view of something…some call those visions…I say pictures because I don’t really know what to call them. I am given analogies or parables…stories to explain Spiritual concepts. I’m very visual.
Most children that I taught were also visual, so if I could get a picture about something they knew, and compare to a new concept, they’d usually get it.

So I had a dream last night, but before I share this dream, I will tell you what happened in the last several days. First I received an email, telling me about the UMC and it’s alliance with the UN..supporting Palestinian Israel. I shared that on my walls on fb – both my personal wall and my ministry wall (womenwho pray). I didn’t share it until I received chat message that was up and in front of me as I began my prayer time with prayer warriors on the free conference line. It was from a Women Who Pray prayer warrior another country far away, who happened to have had confidential information sent out to all UN staff, telling them of trouble and asking if their houses were in order? Prepared for the coming trouble?

Well, that got my attention, that I had a confirmation of 2 witnesses. Along with the 2nd message came a website, I went to the site to find the UN plan for establishing Palestinian Israel. Then, yesterday, June 14, 2011, I received an email, sending me Cindy Jacobs’ newsletter, which included her response to the Israel mess, and she included information from Chuck Pierce to read, and a video from Randy Ryder from the prayer room in Israel (upper room?). There was also an awe-inspiring video at the bottom of the page with the Lion of Judah to click on!

Needless to say, after sounding the alarm on through all my means of contact, by phone, email, fb, and twitter, I went to bed. I was very tired and went to sleep easily, as I knew I had obeyed my LORD and I was at peace.

Here is the dream:

I was in a building. I don’t know whether a house or not, but it had many rooms. I was the teacher, and I was passing out a test. As I was a teacher in public school for almost 20 years that doesn’t seem so strange, except, my students were adults. As I was passing out the test, the adults, who were not seated and separated, like a teacher likes in her classroom, and they were not being quiet. In fact, they were talking and laughing, walking in and out of the room, like a birthday party, or a social gathering.

As I handed out the test, I remember thinking, how do I do this? How do they not cheat? I heard myself saying, “This is your test. You need not cheat, for you must know it for the Boards.” Knowing friends, doctors, lawyers, nurses, all have to pass the State Boards, that seemed to be what I was saying.

As I passed a test to each person, the person would look annoyed, at me handing them the test, and they were annoyed by my saying, “This is your test. You must know it for the Boards.” All miffed, that I was breaking in…that this was an inconvenience..some rolling eyes. No one was glad I was there nor that I was giving out the test.

I actually had 2 tests. I remember that I had to decide what and how to hold the 2 huge stacks of tests, and I had to decide which to give out first. As I juggled all the paper, and the tests might have been as thin as a sheet can be, and each was very hard to pass out. After the 1st test, they could turn in and get the 2nd.

As I maneuvered, from room to room, handing the tests out, I would choose one person, here in there, to help me pass out the test. Some just took papers and handed out. Others, looked miffed that I would ask them to help hand them out. It seemed like an eternity…I was no near the end of handing out the test, when…………rnnnnnngggggggg!!!! My cell phone was ringing, and a prayer warrior from Louisiana, who prays most mornings, was letting me know she would not be on today. The call made me jump, as I was sleeping deeply. However, I did not want to return to the dream…I was exhausted from the mission I was on to give out the test.

I have the interpretation also, at least, I believe I do. There may be more to come later, but this is what I have for now:

I am the messenger – the teacher – who knows that the students must be prepared for the big test, like the CRCT in GA, or the FCAT in FLA, etc. I am giving the test, and I am telling each one to take the test, not to see if their neighbor knows the answers, but to see if they do. Why? Because on the Boards – the Final test – they will stand alone to see if they can pass the test.

I am also the one who is prepared, and who is warning others to be prepared! The Lord is coming soon! How do I know because I am a watchman on the wall! I pray for Israel every day, and have for eight years with others in agreement. We have prayed for the Peace of Israel, and as the video you’ve been told to see and listen to says, Yeshua is the Peace of Israel! Our Messiah, Jesus Christ, is the Peace of Jerusalem!

When I was in Israel in 2001, and I asked the people how I could pray for them, every single Jew that I spoke with said, “Pray for the Peace of Israel.” It was on the lips of all I spoke to. As I was at the Wailing Wall, with all those praying and rocking..wailing before the Lord, placing tiny pieces of paper in the wall with names and prayers, the Lord said to me, “Go lay your hands on the wall and release those prayers to me.” I said, “Do what?” and, in my mind’s eye, I could see pastors, and tele-evangelists, laying hands on prayer requests that had been sent to them. So, I obeyed. I had the opportunity to win 2-3 Jews, and even a Muslim to the Lord. I went with all 3 of my sisters, and 2 precious friends. One of the friends had prayed for us to go. That’s another God story itself.

I tell you of the dream because it has happened here with the alarm that’s going off in me to tell the people. It goes with the commission in Ezekiel 33 that if I see the sword coming upon the land and warn the people, their blood is not on my hands but on their head. But, if I see the sword and do not warn the people, I am responsible for not sounding the alarm and warning the people.

You ‘ve heard don’t shoot the messenger! Jesus told His disciples the story of the prophets that were sent before to warn and were each killed. Just look at the stories of prophets of old, up until John the Baptist, who tried to warn Israel. In these last days, Joel tells us that the Lord will pour out His Spirit on maidservants as well as menservants, in fact, on all flesh. Sons and daughters are prophesying, and old men dreaming dreams, and young men seeing visions.

I don’t claim to be a prophet, but the Lord says I’m a prophetical intercessor. I pray the Word, speaking aloud the oracles of God. The Spirit, by which I speak, is the Spirit of prophesy, going forth to change circumstances. It, the Word, will not return void but will accomplish what it purposes to do.

In the Name of Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel!!

Amen and Amen!


Please post at the end how this has blessed you! :)


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Prayer Request From Cindy Jacobs of Generals International

I received an email from Cindy and Mike Jacobs…of Generals International…asking us to pray the following:

Let’s change the course of terrorism in our nation and unravel some things together in prayer for the following:

• Pray that the families of those who lost their lives to this act of terrorism would know that God loves them and cares about them.

• Pray for the police and FBI agents investigating this crime to uncover every bit of evidence and to be able to fully understand what happened, so that further terrorism activities can be stopped. Decree Ephesians 5:13, “But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light.” (New American Standard Bible) (I like to say, “Darkness, get into the light!”)

• Ask God to expose every Muslim in the United States who has travelled to the Middle East to be radicalized for jihad. Pray that God would give the FBI the wisdom to be able to find them. “’Can anyone hide himself in secret places, so I shall not see him?’ says the Lord; ‘Do I not fill heaven and earth?’ says the Lord.” (New King James Version, Jeremiah 23:24)

• Pray that those lost in Islam would know Jesus as their Lord and Savior before the enemy’s lies destroy any more of them by turning them into weapons of terror.               (John 3:16-17).

May God’s grace abound,

Father we come into agreement with Cindy Jacobs praying that the families of those who lost their lives in the line of duty in Chattanooga to this act of terrorism would know that God loves and cares about them.

We ask You LORD for the police and FBI agents investigating their crime to uncover every bit of evidence to be able to fully understand what happened so that further terrorism activities be stopped.  We decree Ephesians 5:13, “But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light.” In Cindy’s very words we say, “Darkness, get into the light!” or Gloria says, “Out of the darkness and into the light! Woo Hoo!!

Father, we ask that You expose every Muslim in the United States who has travelled to the Middle East to be radicalized for jihad like this 24-year old shooter , Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez.

We pray that You give the FBI wisdom to find them. “Can anyone hide himself in secret places, so I shall not see him? says the LORD; Do I not fill heaven and earth? says the LORD. (Jer. 23:24)

We pray LORD that all lost in islam will know Jesus as their LORD and Savior before the enemy’s lies destroy any more of them by turning them into weapons of terror.

As declared by Cindy and other prophets concerning 2015, You have said LORD that You will give Your people the chance to recalibrate in the midst of this whirlwind year. Recalibrate means to correct in mid-course, modify, amend, change, metamorphose, renovate, transform, or turn. This is Truly a Shemitah year… our Year of Jubilee!!

We are Overcomers! We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and by the Word of our testimony! We have overcome our enemy because we have aligned our words with Your Word LORD! We do not love our lives even to death! We are overcomers every day! In Jesus’ Name we overcome the enemy!! The Word!….Jesus Christ… has set us free! Therefore, we are free – indeed!!!



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Blessed Is He Who Comes in the Name of the LORD

Glorify our GOD today in Jesus’ Name!


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I Call You….Jehovah…Pistos! Shalom! Jireh! Rophe!….

It doesn’t get any better than this….as we prepare…our feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace…

Get Ready Saints!!!!!

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Women Throughout The Earth! This is our Theme Song!!!

As we call forth the mourning and crying women…spoken of by Daniel the Prophet…to come join us as we pray…our greatest weapon of warfare! We are standing against the spirit of death that has come to our homes…through our windows and doors…to destroy our children…to destroy our marriages! On Mother’s Day the mothers of my church were called to sing this unabashedly over their households! I can sense that moment all over again right now! Woooooo Hooooooooo!!!!!!!

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If We Are Confident that He is Listening …then….



Don’t you love it! What a perky song! How hearing this song ministers to my heart!  Why is it that I would have my heart zinging and singing as I hear this praise? Does everyone get excited like I do as I hear this sung to me? As I sing along I just get perkier and perkier! In fact hands clap and feet stomp! Why is that? Before I began dancing with my heart …my body was bouncing as I write this to you…typing on my computer?

Is it that my heart wants to praise? Is it that I know the way I enter into His presence…that the way I enter into the throne of the MOST HIGH…as I approach with Boldness the Throne of GRACE that I must enter first His gates with Thanksgiving and Praise…Why? Because My God says so!

Obedience is Better than Sacrifice! I mean I can do everything else in this earth …and I may be exhausted every day…and then pray a pitiful prayer to my God…I mean out of an absolutely empty vessel…and believe that He hears me…but the WORD (1 John 5: 14-15) clearly says that if we pray according to His Will…His Word…He hears us and if He hears us then we can be confident…assured…not doubt one bit that He’s listening…and if we have the King’s ear…the LORD ALMIGHTY’s ear…then we can know that we have our petitions!!!!

Glory LORD Almighty I will enter Your gates how? with praise?

Why? Because Thou Art Worthy! I mean who are You anyway LORD?

You…My GOD… so loved me and all us… that You sent Your Son…

And exactly what does that mean?

My GOD  impregnated a young woman…Mary…and if I don’t believe this well I might as well not pray.  For my JESUS is GOD in flesh!!! The WORD in flesh!

God’s HOLY SPIRIT entered this earth in man…and came to dwell among us…Immanuel!

He…God in flesh…Jesus the Christ… dwelt among us for a short time…only 33 years…wow!!!  I’m 65 years old…almost twice as long as God was in earth in one man!

How now does He dwell in the earth? Through all those who Believe! We are the many brethren of Him the First Fruit!

That one man…God Himself in flesh…died on the cross and took all our sins and our infirmities! All our sicknesses…spirit sickness, soul sickness, and flesh sickness!

And, as he laid in the grave and took captivity captive…all those who were waiting on Him who had gone on before the Church was born…the old testament saints! All that had looked for His coming from the very beginning of time!

Well, He brought all of them with Him…the WORD says…and they walked in the streets at the same time that JESUS resurrected and before He ascended into Heaven to sit beside the right hand of the Father!

What did the disciples have to do after they watched Jesus ascend? What did the angel tell them to do? They had to obey in order to receive! Just like us today! We have to obey to receive!

So, they listened to the angel tell them to go to Jerusalem and wait!

That’s right! They had to wait! And on what were they waiting?


And they waited in Jerusalem…and received power!

The very same Holy Spirit of GOD …who raised JESUS from the dead…from that grave…where He overcame death and now there is no sting?

Well that same Holy Spirit that raised JESUS from the dead and seated Him …the First Fruit of many brethren…beside the Throne of GRACE…where the MOST HIGH sits…

He…HOLY SPIRIT of GOD ALMIGHTY… was poured out on all mankind!

The first evidence of this TRUTH happened as the followers of JESUS…all 121 of them who received at the first Pentecost…50 days after Passover…when the LAMB of GOD who takes away the sins of this world left this earth…

Well those men and women received the POWER…the same HOLY SPIRIT…and they began the same preaching and teaching and healing as JESUS and the original 12…and then the 72…and then the 121…and then the 4,000 in one day…and then…and then…and then…………up until now!

We who have waited to receive that power to go forth are still about the same mission in this earth!

How did we get here? By Obedience…not sacrifice!

If the LORD says begin Your day by entering His gates with Thanksgiving and His Courts with praise…to do anything else is vain.

He will hear us who dwell in the Secret Place of the Most High…not sometimes…but every time!

Our position of heart is …and if He doesn’t answer our prayer as we’ve prayed it…

Even if He slays me…I WILL STILL LOVE HIM!!!!!


Because it is He who has made me and not myself! I’m His sheep! I’m His people! I’m called by His Name! I’m His bond servant!

I humble myself! I pray! I seek His Face! I turn from my wicked way…all that is not in His perfect plan! All that holds me!

Each Day I do this!!! Not once and for all…but I daily approach His Throne of GRACE!! Not once only if I need to every hour…every minute…every second…SO BE IT! I’m HIS clay…He’s the potter! I’m His creation! He is the Creator!

Then, after I totally and completely posture and position myself before HIM…He hears from Heaven! Why? Because I’m Teddi Holt? Not hardly!

Because I am obedient now….I’m in posture and position of obedience to Him the LORD of lords!

He forgives my sin…and the sins of those I bring before Him…that I am able to bring His blessings into this earth!

And He heals my land! Not everybody’s land around me…but all that He has assigned me to pray for!  I am assured by my position of friendship in HIM…that like Abraham…I can bring His Blessing when I ask!

Thank You LORD for this calling to learn You and understand You and bring Your Will to pass in these End Times!

Thank You that I walk in this fresh WORD from You today…at all times!


In Jesus’ Name I pray!!!

Amen and Amen!!!!




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He Sent His WORD to Heal Us!

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Arise! Shine! For the LIGHT has Come!

Jesus said, “Come unto me…and I will give you rest! Take My yoke upon you!…My burden is LIGHT!”

The LORD awakened me this morning to settle a matter with a family member…and to answer a brother in Christ who had posted what looked very much like judgmental words about another member of the Body of Christ!

I am very much a young one in the Body of Christ with regard to my elders who have gone before me into Heaven…and those who are still here. I was raised Baptist and entrenched in the know it all spirit that many still walk in. I say this with all LOVE!

I walked and talked the Southern Baptist talk until I needed help!

Until I needed Jehovah Rophe in my life! Until I needed Jehovah Jireh in my life!

I am now awaiting with those who have ear to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church!

I am looking at and on Jesus and Him alone to heal me of my wickedness! I am standing like Isaiah…and I am unclean…and am in an unclean nation! America the Brave! America the Free!

All of our freedoms paid with great price by our precious military?? NO! Not all of them! Our freedom to preach and teach and prophesy comes for our God! He is in Heaven…and JESUS who is GOD in flesh is seated at His right hand…and Holy Spirit is in us who hear Him.

And we have our freedom to speak only through Him and will not compromise His WORD!

He is coming in us!! The Kingdom of God is in us! The Lion of Judah! The Lamb of God is in us!

As we grow into ONE MAN…JESUS CHRIST…well we are having to put off all that is holding us to this earth. We are having to allow the all consuming fire in us to burn off all the wickedness in us!

It does not matter if we are better than the one beside us. God sees our heart! We are naked before Him!

The warning of this Shemitah year is not to scare me or you! It is to fine-tune us to be ready for His Coming!

If we do what He says…we don’t have to worry about everybody else!

If His Kingdom in us prevails then we will prosper spirit, soul, and body regardless of the circumstances we face! Jesus in us the Hope of Glory!! He is greater than he who is in the world.

We are safe in Him! Abiding in Him in the Secret Place of the Most High!

I love what my dear friend said recently, “I’m tired of playing Church! We don’t go to Church! We are the Church!”

WOW!!! Holy Spirit in her has spoken the Truth that I know to me and we are ONE in Spirit!

Many people don’t like me. They love me but have a hard time sitting near me because He in me is burning hotter and hotter…burning off my dross!

As I’m ignited with His Fire I sound louder and bolder and I’m being told I have tone or am angry by family and friends…and family of God!

It’s not me folks! It is the all consuming fire in me! If I don’t allow the dross to burn off me…I can’t see clearly! I find myself trying to take the jot out of your eye while I have a beam in mine. The WORD clearly says When I walk in total obedience I can then judge disobedience!

I’m not there yet! Neither are you! The younger in the LORD…those younger in the practice of speaking the Truth and having the signs and gifts following the Truth in them…are being very unwise in raising their tongues against the elders.

Those who have eaten stronger meat than me and are still here and going and bearing good fruit…well the LORD says no weapon raised against them will prosper!

I’ve warned a few lately to be quiet…to study and to be very sure the LORD is the one judging this person. So far He is not!

Our Messiah is coming! I accepted Him as a child…but I have only known Him well as an older adult! He has not changed! All the scripture in the gospels and all written by the LORD’s apostles…Peter, John and Paul…well all are inspired and coming to pass. Nothing has changed from their inspiration! We can’t change the prophetical WORD! Nor from Isaiah and all the prophets!

Now the Church has thought we are different from Israel…that somehow God has changed His rules for us! Even some of our translations seem to tolerate some of the sin better than others.

We in America are looking at judgment…not because we are a nation called America …but because we are covenanted with God…in New York City in the Church that is still standing at ground zero. Just like Israel …we have sinned gravely against our God…the same God in fact of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!!

God has not changed and is not mocked! He is on His throne…High and lifted up!

Holy Spirit in me lifts up JESUS! He and He alone will draw all men!!!

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Though None Go With Me, I Will Follow!

I wrote this blog, May 2, 2011. My mother had joined Jesus and my Daddy in February of the same year:

I decided to follow Jesus first when I was eight years old. I confirmed that as a teen-ager and again as mother, with two small children when I was 25. The last time was in 1975, and I’ve never looked back!

Today, I’m 61, retired, keeping my 2-yr-old granddaughter, and in full-time prayer ministry, using all methods of technology available to me, the telephone, cell phone, email, website, and facebook. It is a great blessing to me.

I have been asked to come to India, Fiji, the Philippines, and Malaysia. The invitations are so precious to me. My husband, who is my high school sweetheart and best friend in the world has not wanted me to go to other countries. I’ve not even gone to other states. I was asked to speak at a large, local church and was so honored. I enjoyed that very much. I did lobby the capital in Georgia in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I spoke out against the equal rights amendment that threatened our Constitution.

Even today, May 3, 2011, I have received a call from the pastor in India who invited me to come as guest speaker. I am asking God, that I be able to visit these nations that are calling me through technology. I pray that I can have a visit as I’ve seen Beth Moore do when she is live in one place, and live by technology in many other places at the same time. God has allowed me to minister through technology all the way, by landline telephone, cellphone, email, website, face book, and twitter. I have a dvd of the meeting on March 12th. I have a cd of the original prayer blanket opening. I have a videocam and could chat with you seeing me, even if I can’t see you. We do indeed live in the day of rushing to and fro across the earth.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was born for a time such as this. I also know that you were, too. We have at our disposal means of reaching tothe uttermost through this ministry across the internet. God is not taken by surprise. The prophets of old did not know how the things they prophesied would be. It amazes that we could actually pray evening and morning and at noon the same prayer at the same time from one end of the globe to the other. We also can pray it in rounds, with each timezone moving the blanket across the globe from east to west. Glory to God!

Pray for me and all involved in this ministry. Sow into it for we are Abraham’s seed and do declare the 100-fold return on all we sow in the Kingdom everyday. Encourage us through your comments here and by face book. The Lord is coming, and we are preparing the way! In Jesus’ Name, Amen and Amen.

Love in the Lord,

Teddi (Mama Teddi to many)

Today is June 8, 2015…four years later. I was 61 …today I’m 65. It is 4 years later and so much of my heart’s prayer was answered.

In November of 2013, Women Who Pray went to India…2 of us…Emily and me. We were in Hyderabad 7 days. In January of 2014, Asha collected all the prayer blankets we left and began dispersing them to all that she could.

Asha became our ambassador for Women Who Pry India. We are gathering the funds as I blog to pray the translator and print the prayer blanket in Lambadi (a language of the unreached)for the 1st time. We also need to re-print English for the 4th time (30 left), Hindi for the 2nd time (50 left), Telugu for the 3rd time (150 left) and Tamil for the 2nd time (350 left).

In other words, $400 for Lambadi, $250 for English, $250 for Hindi, $250 for Telugu, and $250 for Tamil. Each printing is for 1000 of the language. We are presently translating Kinnada, Punjabi, and another unreached language. We are looking for someone to translate Urdu.

Ash has begun or brought under our wing 13 churches in Southern India…that we pay $25 per month per church. We have 4 in Northern India…for a total of 17…but the numbers grow by the week as the Word is being multiplied. The prayer blanket is God’s prayer. In 2002 the LORD told me to quit praying my prayer and to pray His because it won’t return void but will accomplish what the LORD purposes. So we pray only the WORD every day in the morning, two evenings a week, and once at noon each week.

We are calling for the mourning women…the crafty women that Jeremiah calls for…to wage warfare against the spirit of death. We the end times’ church have only a short time left until the LORD says it’s over and we all go home.

We need all that will fund us to do so. $5, $10, $15, $25, $50, $100 per month…


Or send a check to Women Who Pray, 2411 New Hope Road, Dacula, GA 30019.Love in Jesus!

Mama Teddi

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