Reaching the 10/40 Window

Our goal to reach the 10/40 window better known in the Bible as the uttermost and certainly the most unreached nations in the earth began in 2013 when we went to India. A lovely woman of God in India caught up with us after we returned to America. Since then we now have 34 churches with 28 pastors on staff of Women Who Pray Ministry India and our prayer blanket is in 9 languages besides English. We are also in Africa…Uganda, Kenya, and Liberia…and moving to more everyday. We are in the Philippines and Pakistan…and will begin in October in Dubai UAE.

Who would have thought that one missionary trip could do all this in 4 years. We need monthly about 1,000 to get to print the new languages and to keep the already printed languages flowing. These wonderful people are being reached by their own missionaries bringing them the Word in their own tongue…Faith comes by hearing in your own language and hearing by the Word of God. As they begin praying the prayer blanket…filling with the Word in prayer everyday…they are being saved, healed and delivered. 

Thank you LORD for giving us the nations! You said to ask and You would give…and that we have not because we ask not! The harvest is white…and the goers are ready…they need only the Word printed to go forth. Thank you for whatever you can do to help us reach them. Everyday I’m hearing that there are languages to translate into and to print…we will print one new one immediately…and there are like 6 more coming. The multiplication is amazing! Thanks for partnering with us to send the blessed gospel light! Love you!! We expect 100-fold return on all you give in Jesus’ Name. Amen and Amen.

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