The Great Commission!!!

Known it since childhood!!!  Asked God to choose me!!!!   To send me!!!!

Decided that I must me a Home Missionary…since HE didn’t send me!!!!

You know what I like about being older…and I do like being older!!!  I’m not wanting to look younger or feel younger or be younger!

Been there and done that!!!

Younger for me was much more foolish!! Much whinier!!! Much more unsure of myself!!

Now, I know why that is!

I was more foolish until I began spending my time with the Wise ONE!! El Elyon!!! Until I learned to abide (to live) in the Secret Place…instead of occasionally finding my way there.

I was whinier because I felt like I didn’t measure up…too much and not enough!!! If what I thought was perfect was not going on with me and those I cared about, I whined!  I didn’t know the perfecter would perfect me in all counts that He wanted perfected and not where He wanted me and all of you (those around me) to remain the same.

I was unsure of myself because I didn’t Trust that my Creator…my Potter…knew exactly what He was doing all the time.  I needed only rest in Him!

I love that I can say each day, “WOW!!!!” and mean it!!!! I’m wowed everyday by my friend…and what a friend my JESUS is to me!!!  Closer than any brother!!! or any other relationship I have.  He loves me just as I am!!!


Don’t you love that today a writer can just write!!! Blogging is great for allowing emotions to flood pages…it is like free verse is to the poet!!! Wooo Hooooo!!!!!

Well, today, preacher Teddi…and I do mean that just like I’m saying it…is afire!!!!!

Teacher Teddi will try to give this some order but the preacher in me is on fire to let you know that it’s not as hard as we make it!

So, let’s begin here with Go Ye Therefore!!!!

Matthew 28: 19-20 reads:

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost…


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