Teddi Holt

Founder of Women Who Pray

Teddi Holt Founder of Women Who Pray

I was born Teddi Lynne Moore – the 3rd daughter of a man named Ted. My parents, Elaine and Ted Moore were very active members of several Atlanta, Georgia-based Southern Baptist Churches — White Oak Hills, Forest Hills, and Rehobeth — all located in DeKalb County. My parents served last in the 2nd-Seniors’ Ministry at Rehobeth, until they sold their house, using part of that money to build a large room and bath on the end of my house, in order to live with my husband, Tim, my youngest son, Frank, and me.

My daddy lived there most of 2 years, and mother lived with us almost 7 years, until her health required that she have help 24/7 and she moved into assisted living. I have three sisters — Gloria, Carole, and Beth. All of us have been actively involved with our families in churches throughout Metro-Atlanta. Mama recently joined her Jesus, and her precious husband, Ted, and parents, and only brother. She was almost 90. Her daughters and their husbands, her 16 grandchildren, and her 31 great-grandchildren, one great-great grandchild live on, expecting to join her and Daddy one day.

My high school sweetheart and I will celebrate our 44th anniversary on May 31, 2013 — married in 1969 about a month before we landed on the moon. We were kids — 19 and 21. Less than three months after we married, his name came up in the lottery, and Tim joined the Air Force. We lived in Texas, North Carolina, the Philippine Islands, and Florida during his tour of duty. Our first born son was 15 months old, when I joined Tim in the Philippines. I lived there nine months.

We returned to the states, and Tim got an early out in March of 1972. We settled down in the metro-Atlanta area almost 41 years ago.  I was a full-time homemaker for 21 years, raising our three sons in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, as best as I knew how. Because of my sister’s influence, I made Jesus, the Lord of my life.  So for now 39 years, I have been on quite a journey — to know not only the Father and the Son — but the Holy Spirit — intimately.

In the late 70’s, I managed my father’s campaign, as he ran for a seat in the Georgia State House of Representatives. Though he didn’t win, we made connections with members of the Georgia General Assembly, proving to be profitable a very few years later.

After miscarrying my third baby boy, and all the trauma that goes with that for every woman, I participated in lobbying the Georgia General Assembly for the rights of the unborn baby. I was a member both of Georgia Stop ERA, with Kathryn Dunnaway, and Eagle Forum, with Phyllis Schlafly.

Two of my sisters and a friend began MOM (Mothers On the March). We helped defeat the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in Georgia, becoming one of the four states, who accomplished it not becoming an amendment to the US Constitution. MOM represented a large portion of the 1,000 people at the Georgia Capitol that day. After stomping out that brush fire, we MOMS went home to continue our mission as mother to our children.

Not long before the ERA was defeated, I met a wonderful lady, who became my Spiritual mentor. She taught me more about Holy Spirit. I learned from her to be bold in the Lord — to speak to my circumstances — to pray the Word, the will of God.

I also was mentored by another couple, learning more about deliverance and being free from the bondage of rejection, fear, and all other things that kept me from being all that God has said that I Am in His Word. From the wife, a Psalmist,  I learned that I, too, had songs in me to write.

My Father, who had been my Teddy Bear Dad, so lovable and wonderful, became my Patriarch after he turned 50. He wrote the song, Healed Forever , and the Lord said people would be healed that heard it sung. I sing this song when called to pray for the sick.

From 1982-1984, I wrote the book The Inner Woman of the Heart , and my wonderful husband helped me publish it. There was no marketing, only by word of mouth. All 100 copies sold; however, we sold at a comparable price, when the costs were more. There was no profit; however, since I still share the truths that have stood that I wrote in the book, the benefits have far exceeded the cost! Praise the Lord!

From 1984 to 1989, I spent much time in the Secret Place of the Most High. I taught Kindergarten one year and home school to my youngest son during that time. I also tutored several students that struggled with reading or math. I ran around, taking children to church, school, and sports activities, like other moms, but I had time to study the Word everyday.

After MOM, it was quieter, much like a backside of the mountain experience. As I had been discipled by my sister and many others, as well as many writers and teachers in the body of Christ, I discipled others, who came to me from church, school and sports activities, and teachers, as I went.

In 1989, I went back to school. I entered education. I received my Bachelor in Science in education, in June of 1991, and entered the classroom, that August. I was 41 years old when I began my teaching career. I entered as part of an army of teachers, as did my best friend. God had called and sent us to the classroom. By 1997, I had received two more degrees, my Masters in Education, and my Specialist in Education.

After 10 years of teaching, and a very active prayer life, I had a life-changing experience. I’m sure that the submission that took place that day, as I was at an intercessory prayer retreat with many other intercessors, happened because of the life experiences — many tests — many trials — much change in me!

I had been raised Baptist, being taught the Word both in Bible classes and choir as a child, learning to sing and say the Word. I have loved to pray my whole life. I prayed aloud as a child and even taught adults on youth Sunday in my church.

I had written songs to the Lord, and I had prayed often for the sick, after I learned to apply that Word I had in my heart. Laying hands and singing — believing God for miracles — had become a major part of my life even before I began teaching school.

However, in the midst of me serving as a minister of prayer in my Sunday School and even having a ministry called, House of Prayer that met in my home and in the home of a another friend/disciple, God got my attention. Now, picture this sight, I, under the power of the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ, in an outside breezeway, between the meeting place building, and the building where our room was and the cafeteria where we ate, I went to the floor, prostrate on my face, and wept!

I mean I WEPT and WEPT! My friend tried to hover over me, having no idea what was going on. I could not speak to explain; I could only WEEP! I heard very clearly from my LORD!

LORD God Almighty asked me not to pray my prayers anymore. He asked me to pray HIS prayer!

This was a very humbling experience for me. I prayed a lot! I prayed often! I mean, I was called on to pray everywhere I went! I prayed all kinds of prayer as the New Testament says to do! I was a good pray-er! Do you notice all the I’s!

I — I — I ! ! !

Did I ever in a thousand years expect that I depended on my ability to pray? Of course, not. I was obeying my Father as best as I knew, and I was pleased with results often, but there were times I wasn’t ready! I was ambushed!

If called to pray for a large request — like cancer — or for very sick babies — or for people hurting sooo deeply, I would have to get ready. I had to stop and spend time with the Lord. The difference now, and for the last almost 11 years, is that I am ready every day! I begin my day praying the Word of God for about 1 1/2 hours.

On June 18, 2015, we began our 1th year since I was asked by a prayer partner if she  could pray the prayer blanket with me. On the 19th, another joined us.  We began with a 3-bonded cord.  There have been ups and downs, increases and decreases, as we lined up with His Word!

Today, we have 3-8 people each morning, and nearly 3-5, two nights a week. We pray the prayer blanket on a free conference line here in the US. And, since we took our ministry to fb, we now have maybe a 1000 praying with us, across the globe. Many are praying the Word with us in one voice, daily! God is so amazing!

The Prayer Blanket exactly as we pray it is on this website for each day of the week. It is daily up-dated, as it is not the same every day.

Recently, prayer warriors from Fiji, Bangkok, Australia, etc., join us by skype.  I prop my iphone up against my webcam microphone.  Praise God forevermore!

I am now 63 years old, retired from my teaching career nearly 3 years, and I keep my 4-year-old granddaughter every weekday.

I am now a full-time prayer minister. Not only do we pray on the conference line but I pray with as many as 1900+ friends on our facebook page…Womenwho Pray.

We, Women Who Pray, will go to India in November, 2013.  We will set up Women Who Pray there, and we will present the prayer blanket in Telugu (3rd printing), English, and Hindi.  Imagine not only the women praying the prayer blanket, but the children…like the Muslim children have a prayer book.

I am so excited to be on this adventure with the Lord! We are preparing the way of the Lord’s return! We are calling all the women…and now some men have joined…to pray for our Jerusalems, Judaeas, Sumarias, and the uttermost parts of the world!

It is a clarion call, the Lord has said! As we unite in prayer, the Psalm that says…

Evening, and Morning, and at Noon will I (we) pray and cry aloud, and He will hear our voice!

In Jesus’ Name, we ask that you join us as we stop only chasing 1,000 — for one only chases 1,000. As 2, we chase 10,000.

Continue to add a 0 for each one who prays and that is into the Quartrillions, Quintillions, etc., everyday!

Strongholds are being demolished! Miracles are taking place in bodies, families, and nations!

Jesus is LORD over the earth!!


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