Dreamin…. re-posting from June 14, 2011 THE TEST!!!

Posting what I posted June 14, 2011…so timely to re-look at this dream and see if I’m ready for the test…

I never dream! People have told me dreams and have explained them to me or asked what I thought a dream to mean. I’ve been told everyone dreams but not all remember them. Well, dreams and me have not walked together. I might think about something and begin trying to work it out as I sleep…and when awakened if it is a mess…I try to change the outcome when I lay back down.

I’ve seen some pictures in my mind, or had a mind’s eye view of something…some call those visions…I say pictures because I don’t really know what to call them. I am given analogies or parables…stories to explain Spiritual concepts. I’m very visual.
Most children that I taught were also visual, so if I could get a picture about something they knew, and compare to a new concept, they’d usually get it.

So I had a dream last night, but before I share this dream, I will tell you what happened in the last several days. First I received an email, telling me about the UMC and it’s alliance with the UN..supporting Palestinian Israel. I shared that on my walls on fb – both my personal wall and my ministry wall (womenwho pray). I didn’t share it until I received chat message that was up and in front of me as I began my prayer time with prayer warriors on the free conference line. It was from a Women Who Pray prayer warrior another country far away, who happened to have had confidential information sent out to all UN staff, telling them of trouble and asking if their houses were in order? Prepared for the coming trouble?

Well, that got my attention, that I had a confirmation of 2 witnesses. Along with the 2nd message came a website, www.signsofthelastdays.com. I went to the site to find the UN plan for establishing Palestinian Israel. Then, yesterday, June 14, 2011, I received an email, sending me Cindy Jacobs’ newsletter, which included her response to the Israel mess, and she included information from Chuck Pierce to read, and a video from Randy Ryder from the prayer room in Israel (upper room?). There was also an awe-inspiring video at the bottom of the page with the Lion of Judah to click on!

Needless to say, after sounding the alarm on through all my means of contact, by phone, email, fb, and twitter, I went to bed. I was very tired and went to sleep easily, as I knew I had obeyed my LORD and I was at peace.

Here is the dream:

I was in a building. I don’t know whether a house or not, but it had many rooms. I was the teacher, and I was passing out a test. As I was a teacher in public school for almost 20 years that doesn’t seem so strange, except, my students were adults. As I was passing out the test, the adults, who were not seated and separated, like a teacher likes in her classroom, and they were not being quiet. In fact, they were talking and laughing, walking in and out of the room, like a birthday party, or a social gathering.

As I handed out the test, I remember thinking, how do I do this? How do they not cheat? I heard myself saying, “This is your test. You need not cheat, for you must know it for the Boards.” Knowing friends, doctors, lawyers, nurses, all have to pass the State Boards, that seemed to be what I was saying.

As I passed a test to each person, the person would look annoyed, at me handing them the test, and they were annoyed by my saying, “This is your test. You must know it for the Boards.” All miffed, that I was breaking in…that this was an inconvenience..some rolling eyes. No one was glad I was there nor that I was giving out the test.

I actually had 2 tests. I remember that I had to decide what and how to hold the 2 huge stacks of tests, and I had to decide which to give out first. As I juggled all the paper, and the tests might have been as thin as a sheet can be, and each was very hard to pass out. After the 1st test, they could turn in and get the 2nd.

As I maneuvered, from room to room, handing the tests out, I would choose one person, here in there, to help me pass out the test. Some just took papers and handed out. Others, looked miffed that I would ask them to help hand them out. It seemed like an eternity…I was no near the end of handing out the test, when…………rnnnnnngggggggg!!!! My cell phone was ringing, and a prayer warrior from Louisiana, who prays most mornings, was letting me know she would not be on today. The call made me jump, as I was sleeping deeply. However, I did not want to return to the dream…I was exhausted from the mission I was on to give out the test.

I have the interpretation also, at least, I believe I do. There may be more to come later, but this is what I have for now:

I am the messenger – the teacher – who knows that the students must be prepared for the big test, like the CRCT in GA, or the FCAT in FLA, etc. I am giving the test, and I am telling each one to take the test, not to see if their neighbor knows the answers, but to see if they do. Why? Because on the Boards – the Final test – they will stand alone to see if they can pass the test.

I am also the one who is prepared, and who is warning others to be prepared! The Lord is coming soon! How do I know because I am a watchman on the wall! I pray for Israel every day, and have for eight years with others in agreement. We have prayed for the Peace of Israel, and as the video you’ve been told to see and listen to says, Yeshua is the Peace of Israel! Our Messiah, Jesus Christ, is the Peace of Jerusalem!

When I was in Israel in 2001, and I asked the people how I could pray for them, every single Jew that I spoke with said, “Pray for the Peace of Israel.” It was on the lips of all I spoke to. As I was at the Wailing Wall, with all those praying and rocking..wailing before the Lord, placing tiny pieces of paper in the wall with names and prayers, the Lord said to me, “Go lay your hands on the wall and release those prayers to me.” I said, “Do what?” and, in my mind’s eye, I could see pastors, and tele-evangelists, laying hands on prayer requests that had been sent to them. So, I obeyed. I had the opportunity to win 2-3 Jews, and even a Muslim to the Lord. I went with all 3 of my sisters, and 2 precious friends. One of the friends had prayed for us to go. That’s another God story itself.

I tell you of the dream because it has happened here with the alarm that’s going off in me to tell the people. It goes with the commission in Ezekiel 33 that if I see the sword coming upon the land and warn the people, their blood is not on my hands but on their head. But, if I see the sword and do not warn the people, I am responsible for not sounding the alarm and warning the people.

You ‘ve heard don’t shoot the messenger! Jesus told His disciples the story of the prophets that were sent before to warn and were each killed. Just look at the stories of prophets of old, up until John the Baptist, who tried to warn Israel. In these last days, Joel tells us that the Lord will pour out His Spirit on maidservants as well as menservants, in fact, on all flesh. Sons and daughters are prophesying, and old men dreaming dreams, and young men seeing visions.

I don’t claim to be a prophet, but the Lord says I’m a prophetical intercessor. I pray the Word, speaking aloud the oracles of God. The Spirit, by which I speak, is the Spirit of prophesy, going forth to change circumstances. It, the Word, will not return void but will accomplish what it purposes to do.

In the Name of Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel!!

Amen and Amen!


Please post at the end how this has blessed you! 🙂


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5 Responses to Dreamin…. re-posting from June 14, 2011 THE TEST!!!

  1. Pulotu says:

    Amen and amen. Bless the Lord; life is indeed a test. I believe in dreams; for 2 reasons, the Bible says so, as a way God speaks to His people and the Lord has spoken to be countless times through dreams (some I have shared, others I have not). Yes, I believe and thank the Lord for using you as a vessel for this important message to all those who would gave ears to hear. Before God does anything He would show it to His prophets, goes to show how much He loves us. I think, many people/believers realise the crucial information faithful intercessors have; right from the throne room of God, for the purpose of praying and building up the Body of Christ. Thank the Lord, for your life Teddi. Be blessed.

  2. Pulotu says:

    As I read for the second time, together with the two comments, a thought just came to mind and I am just amazed of how God works and in this case; it has to be a classroom scene, which Teddi is so familiar with. Praise God!!!

  3. Rebekah says:

    Thank you for this.

  4. Teddi says:

    Thanks for the precious comments! <3

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