Raise Us Up LORD to Teach the Younger Women

Father, we lift up the older women LORD in Your Body who have been given the assignment to teach the younger women. So many of us just do not know how to pray and have our prayers answered. We confess that we have so much need all around us and that our nurturing nature is getting us into the pits our dear loved ones are in.

As wives Father we are continuing to acclimate to our new roles…caused by the canges of seasons, age and circumstances. Some of us are the same age as our husbands and as we are aging together …with hearing loss and with eyes waning…and new aches and pains as these bodies age…and we are frustrated with our husbands and frankly LORD ourselves. We don’t have those same needs we had as early lovers but we still need affection. Some of us need hugs while others of us need just a quiet nod of approval. Then’s there are those of us with quite an age difference…we may be dealing with an elderly husband while we are still full of energy and goals. Some of us are dealing with a sick husband…or a depressed husband…or…well LORD there are so many scenarios.

Some of us have become widows before we ever thought possible…maybe due to the fact that our husband was older…or sick. Others of us have lost our husbands suddenly with no warning. Here too are many scenarios.

Many of us women Father have children…all ages of children…and anywhere from 1-7 children. Some of us had them very early so we have grands that are older…and many of us had our last babies later in life…here too what a multitude of plights we women face.

I mean LORD that when we sing We Need You …We Do Need You! You are the ONLY ONE who can aid us…who can carry us through…so we pray this morning for…we wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, granddaughters…and doesn’t it just go on and on. We also pray for we friends and mentors and disciplers.

Father may we seek first Your Kingdom and take our assignment from You. We are in covenant with You. May we stop struggling with all that we cannot do and do what we can!

PRAYER is what we can do! Remind us LORD as Beth Moore has given us these words:

We are not in control! We cannot control all our people! We cannot control our situation! Even when we want what is best, we cannot control the outcome! We cannot make people behave! We cannot make people believe! We cannot make people be strong! Because we are not GOD!!! God alone knows the end from the beginning! He alone knows how this thing will turn out. We hereby fire ourselves from His job!…and we agreeto see our fight for control as what it really is…a screaming testimony to our distrust!

Thank You LORD for cleansing us of all our sins…not just the ones that we were saved out of…but the ones that have come along as we walk with you daily. The enemy wants our joy and he comes to steal, kill and destroy it daily…even hourly it seems sometimes. Out of each battle where we’ve seen victory…may we stay in our whole armor and not let the enemy come to cause us to stumble! When we are offended we are stumbling…forgive we women for needing to be nurtured, loved, and hugged and cared for…and allowing that need to cause us to be unnurturing, unloving, not huggable and uncaring. Forgive us for allowing rejection that we received…be transferred from us back to that person and/or others…and for causing us to reject ourselves.

May we take the wisdom from our mentors to stay focused on the goal. We are running a race …and we are not racing against each other for we are all in this race to win…and receive the victor’s crown! And then we are to lay it at His feet.

Thank You LORD for birthing this prayer in me…as my mentor Germaine…said You Pray it Teddi! It’s not my assignment!

Woooooo Hooooooooo!!!!!!



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