We Answered the Call

During my commission to go forth, the following words were spoken over me and this ministry (Women of Pray):

There are many women who are waiting to hear the call from you to come and pray. Call for the cunning women. Send for the mourning women to come and join in the time of prayer to prepare for battle. This — what God has called you to do — is to prepare people to enter into a time of prayer where they can be consistent, dependable, and faithful. He has called them to do such a thing as to go through the Word and some prayer books with the Word, and, then, for an hour to prove themselves, and they sometimes don’t understand the importance of it. They get tired of it, and they don’t see why they ought to keep doing the same old thing all the time — but God says, It’s to prove something. It they can follow His instruction — if they can do what He says over and over even when sometimes they don’t see results — the Lord says, He will bring them to a place where their voice will be heard throughout the nations — even during the time of prayer — that it won’t just be heard by the other intercessors that are on the line with them — but their voice will go out as they begin to pray, and as they begin to proclaim the Word in prayer — that the enemy will hear it even in the heavenlies because the devil resides in a place in the heavenlies. The principalities and the powers — the rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness — will hear the prayers of those that are training, saith God!

Truly, it is boot camp! It is getting up early. It’s enduring when you are tired and when you are sleepy. It is boot camp! It is getting up when you don’t feel like getting up. It is praying when you don’t feel like praying, saith God. It is boot camp, but they will be ready to fight on the front line. Those that fall aside — those who couldn’t hang in there — they can’t go to the front line because we’ll be defeated if they go to the front line because they won’t be able to stay awake one hour. They won’t be able to endure an hour, so don’t think anything about having to be a tough sergeant at times. Be a drill sergeant when you need to be. Rebuke when you need to. Reprove when you need to be ready to obey God! I have anointed your ears and you do hear Me — and you do not question as to why I want you to do it — you just do it! You will see blessings, blessings, blessings saith the Lord. The sound that goes forth will be a clarion call — beyond what you would expect the normal range of a sound to be because it will not only be heard here but in the heavenlies — announcing and proclaiming that the women are up and praying, that they are there and are going to stand, and that they are going to cause a change to take place. It is cause and effect! The sound goes forth, and the effect of it will change the very nature and course of things that are taking place here on earth. 

Thank You LORD for Your Clarion Call! Amen and Amen.

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