If We Are Confident that He is Listening …then….



Don’t you love it! What a perky song! How hearing this song ministers to my heart!  Why is it that I would have my heart zinging and singing as I hear this praise? Does everyone get excited like I do as I hear this sung to me? As I sing along I just get perkier and perkier! In fact hands clap and feet stomp! Why is that? Before I began dancing with my heart …my body was bouncing as I write this to you…typing on my computer?

Is it that my heart wants to praise? Is it that I know the way I enter into His presence…that the way I enter into the throne of the MOST HIGH…as I approach with Boldness the Throne of GRACE that I must enter first His gates with Thanksgiving and Praise…Why? Because My God says so!

Obedience is Better than Sacrifice! I mean I can do everything else in this earth …and I may be exhausted every day…and then pray a pitiful prayer to my God…I mean out of an absolutely empty vessel…and believe that He hears me…but the WORD (1 John 5: 14-15) clearly says that if we pray according to His Will…His Word…He hears us and if He hears us then we can be confident…assured…not doubt one bit that He’s listening…and if we have the King’s ear…the LORD ALMIGHTY’s ear…then we can know that we have our petitions!!!!

Glory LORD Almighty I will enter Your gates how? with praise?

Why? Because Thou Art Worthy! I mean who are You anyway LORD?

You…My GOD… so loved me and all us… that You sent Your Son…

And exactly what does that mean?

My GOD  impregnated a young woman…Mary…and if I don’t believe this well I might as well not pray.  For my JESUS is GOD in flesh!!! The WORD in flesh!

God’s HOLY SPIRIT entered this earth in man…and came to dwell among us…Immanuel!

He…God in flesh…Jesus the Christ… dwelt among us for a short time…only 33 years…wow!!!  I’m 65 years old…almost twice as long as God was in earth in one man!

How now does He dwell in the earth? Through all those who Believe! We are the many brethren of Him the First Fruit!

That one man…God Himself in flesh…died on the cross and took all our sins and our infirmities! All our sicknesses…spirit sickness, soul sickness, and flesh sickness!

And, as he laid in the grave and took captivity captive…all those who were waiting on Him who had gone on before the Church was born…the old testament saints! All that had looked for His coming from the very beginning of time!

Well, He brought all of them with Him…the WORD says…and they walked in the streets at the same time that JESUS resurrected and before He ascended into Heaven to sit beside the right hand of the Father!

What did the disciples have to do after they watched Jesus ascend? What did the angel tell them to do? They had to obey in order to receive! Just like us today! We have to obey to receive!

So, they listened to the angel tell them to go to Jerusalem and wait!

That’s right! They had to wait! And on what were they waiting?


And they waited in Jerusalem…and received power!

The very same Holy Spirit of GOD …who raised JESUS from the dead…from that grave…where He overcame death and now there is no sting?

Well that same Holy Spirit that raised JESUS from the dead and seated Him …the First Fruit of many brethren…beside the Throne of GRACE…where the MOST HIGH sits…

He…HOLY SPIRIT of GOD ALMIGHTY… was poured out on all mankind!

The first evidence of this TRUTH happened as the followers of JESUS…all 121 of them who received at the first Pentecost…50 days after Passover…when the LAMB of GOD who takes away the sins of this world left this earth…

Well those men and women received the POWER…the same HOLY SPIRIT…and they began the same preaching and teaching and healing as JESUS and the original 12…and then the 72…and then the 121…and then the 4,000 in one day…and then…and then…and then…………up until now!

We who have waited to receive that power to go forth are still about the same mission in this earth!

How did we get here? By Obedience…not sacrifice!

If the LORD says begin Your day by entering His gates with Thanksgiving and His Courts with praise…to do anything else is vain.

He will hear us who dwell in the Secret Place of the Most High…not sometimes…but every time!

Our position of heart is …and if He doesn’t answer our prayer as we’ve prayed it…

Even if He slays me…I WILL STILL LOVE HIM!!!!!


Because it is He who has made me and not myself! I’m His sheep! I’m His people! I’m called by His Name! I’m His bond servant!

I humble myself! I pray! I seek His Face! I turn from my wicked way…all that is not in His perfect plan! All that holds me!

Each Day I do this!!! Not once and for all…but I daily approach His Throne of GRACE!! Not once only if I need to every hour…every minute…every second…SO BE IT! I’m HIS clay…He’s the potter! I’m His creation! He is the Creator!

Then, after I totally and completely posture and position myself before HIM…He hears from Heaven! Why? Because I’m Teddi Holt? Not hardly!

Because I am obedient now….I’m in posture and position of obedience to Him the LORD of lords!

He forgives my sin…and the sins of those I bring before Him…that I am able to bring His blessings into this earth!

And He heals my land! Not everybody’s land around me…but all that He has assigned me to pray for!  I am assured by my position of friendship in HIM…that like Abraham…I can bring His Blessing when I ask!

Thank You LORD for this calling to learn You and understand You and bring Your Will to pass in these End Times!

Thank You that I walk in this fresh WORD from You today…at all times!


In Jesus’ Name I pray!!!

Amen and Amen!!!!




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