Call to the Church

I come before You, Lord, knowing that You have summoned me to this writing. You who visited me as I was in the shower, washing my hair, and I begin hearing and then singing unto You, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
Blessed be the Name of the Lord! He is worthy to be praised and adored!
So just lift up Holy Hands in ONE ACCORD! Singing Blessed be the Name!
Blessed be the Name! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!!!

Father, as I sang it over and over unto You, I could see the Church throughout this earth singing over and over! We are not our own, Lord! We have been bought with a price – the precious blood of the Lord Jesus! I hear the cries, Lord, not only about me, my family members, friends, community, but I hear the cries across this ministry. You have allowed us to hear the cries of the saints unto the uttermost…any who have computers and can come on the internet, You in your infinite perfection have granted this privilege of speaking to each other through the nations.

You have told us that we can speak Life and death. You have given us the power of the tongue. We pray with our tongue – we speak things that are not as though they are. We are Your vessels. We are Your children. We begin newborn as infants, and we grow into the Sons of God! In You, Lord, there’s no gender, no color, no Jew and Gentile. In Jesus, we are one. The picture is magnificent! But, just as my grandchild colored messily and out of line for her granddaddy the first picture, she compared to her cousin’s elegant colored picture, and she promptly sat down and worked harder – more fervently – and he Pop was soooo proud of her! He noticed her thought process, her determination to perfect the imperfect and He praised her not only to herself in front of me and the older cousin, but again in front of her parents. Such a picture God of what is going on!

Lord may we the elders, the ones who spend the time with You and hear from You, make way for the younger ones, even the babes…May we not enable them to do less than what the Fear of the Lord requires. Without that, there’s no wisdom or knowledge. May we convey to these young ones the urgency of the hour to color inside the lines so to speak. May we not just let them continue to be babes. May we encourage and praise them as they grow and increase, and may we not be part of giving all trophies, even those who fail, like goes on throughout my nation for the ball teams. If all win the same trophy, how do we know when we reach the goal?

You, Lord have commanded us to Seek You First! If we don’t have our needs met, and we are not finding time to Seek You first, then, it’s pretty clear the problem here. If we focus on the negative, the problems, then out of our mouth comes the problems..complaining, criticizing, is the way of us beings. We speak what we see and hear, not what the Word says! If we speak what Jesus says about Himself – believing He is who He says He is in the Word, and He will do what He says He will do – and we believe we are who He says we are and can do all things through Christ – then circumstances change. How do we do this? By filling on the Word – praying His prayer – His Word about everything! No matter how sweet and elegant my prayers – my words are – even including the Word here and there – nothing is powerful to pull down strongholds – to slay the enemy – but the Word.

The Communist Manifesto was a written document. It was believed and spoken by Marx, and Lenin, etc., and at one time in my life, when you looked at a map – even when I first began teaching in Aug 1991 – so much of Europe and Asia was red. It was communist. Another profound document is the Constitution of the United States, based on Judeo-Christian beliefs, and believed, fought and died for, has allowed freedom throughout so much of the world, especially in the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Another document that arose about 500 AD, first written, believed, and now has spread into every nation of the world – the Qaran. This is not simply another religion. This religion preaches the annihilation of Israel and all Christians. Those friends on fb with us in some of the middle eastern countries governed by Islam, even if they are from other nations, say they cannot have Bibles. Also, there are still underground churches in many places. To convert to Christianity places the convert and his/her family in danger.

The Lord, today, says, to get ready Church, stand and sing – Blessed be the Name of the Lord! He is Worthy to be Praised and adored! So just lift up Holy Hands unto the Lord! Singing, Blessed be the Name! Blessed be the Name! Blessed Be the Name of the Lord! Thou art worthy! Thou art worthy! Thou art worthy O LORD! To receive glory! Glory and Honor! Glory, and Honor, and Power! For Thou has created, has all things created…For Thou hast created all things! And for Your pleasure, we are created! Thou art worthy O LORD!!!

You might say to me, Teddi, or Mama, or Sister, that I have so much more time than you do because I am retired. I did not begin praying for over one hour every morning in the Secret Place of the Most High when I retired. I began praying as I do now, very early in the morning, over eight years ago. Before that, I prayed early but less time. I know I’m called to pray, but so is anyone who wants change in their circumstances — anyone who hears the Lord as He goes to and fro across the earth looking for ONE to stand for a family, a city, a nation, the world…

We all begin like Isaiah who feels so unclean before the Lord – we all feel like we’re not old enough or not elegant or adequate enough – just like Jeremiah, and Moses, and Gideon. The Lord does not call the mighty! Our God calls the common and He makes them Mighty!! This God I serve is the God of the individual. Our walk with Him is personal – very intimate. We may be foolish enough to take it lightly but He does not take it lightly.

As a young believer, I approached the Lord with elegant words I had heard others pray, and then, I would go to prayer meetings and come home more burdened after I’d been. I had to learn much. The Lord does not hear me because I say elegant words. He does not hear me when I act like he’s my bud. The Lord tells me when He hears me, and as I have grown more familiar, more intimate with Him, I know that He hears me because I pray according to His Word. He says so in James 5 and I believe Him. I also know that if I regard iniquity in my heart, He will not hear me. If I have wronged someone, broken any of the commandments, in fact, or I’m just disappointed and unforgiving of anything or anyone, then, until I right all that, He can’t hear me. It’s not because He doesn’t love me or want to hear, but He does not change – not just for me. His Word is written – it is finished – complete! As long as I am contrary to the Word, I am in sin.

Whew! Hard to say! Hard to speak the Truth, Lord – but Your Church, Your children, are fearful, and unfaithful, and unforgiving, and ….unsubmissive to authority…and complaining, and moaning, and groaning…we’re just so pitiful at times. Pity parties all over! We don’t want to put for the effort to obey You! You say, Lord, Obedience is better than sacrifice! You say, Lord, Children obey your parents. Honor your Father and Mother. That doesn’t stop with age. Being 21 means you can buy some things, but it is not your right and privilege now to fix your parents, or to disregard their advice. Sure, there are some parents that don’t know the Lord, and ones that live in outrageous sin – obviously they are not to be followed. However, we who have been blessed with Godly parents need to listen much more carefully to what they say…and to watch what they do. Wisdom has been ordained by God for the righteous elders in the family, community, Church..and so many times we push them out of the way…calling them senior citizens…but many were retired to early by the businesses…including education…at least in this nation I live in. No matter how charismatic – how wonderful the young woman or man is – unless they have followed, they’ll never lead well. Unless they have submitted to authority, God will not honor them as a leader.

We see it in the Word! Don’t let the novice teach! We have always seen in the world, the master and the apprentice. If we can’t sit under a teacher or leader and be taught or led, then we can’t lead! An unteachable spirit is not of God! When we see signs that say don’t and we do, or when we know the law, and somehow think it doesn’t apply to us, our God is just waiting for us to grow up and stop staying babies. Growing up takes effort! As we spend time with the Lord, His Word, His people that walk and live by Faith, who eat, drink, and sleep the Word, then we are waiting on the Lord, serving Him with all our heart, learning to live the abundant life He has called us to! It’s not just a privilege, His Word is a command! He promises that we will rule in the future, but He clearly defines that some will rule one city and some 10. With the talents, one was given 2, and one 5, and one 1. The one who received 1 hid it in the ground. The one with 2 doubled. The one with 5 doubled. God took that 1 and gave to the one who had 10.

The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom. I believe you are here , reading this by divine appointment. Some are here to repent, and I pray you will. The good thing about God is that He already knows, and He’s just waiting on you to tell Him you know. Then, all is washed away, never to be seen again. You may be here to be confirmed in what You have already heard the Lord say to you. I pray that as you leave here, you will lift up your Holy Hands and sing with me, Blessed be the Name of the Lord! He is worthy to be praised and adored! Let’s just lift up Holy Hands to the LORD! Singing…Blessed be the Name! Blessed be the Name! Blessed be the Name of the LORD!!
Love in you in the LORD,

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3 Responses to Call to the Church

  1. Janet Hanson says:

    Oh, Teddi, what a great message! I really appreciate your straightforward, no-nonsense approach to life and God’s instructions to us. There is a great sermon in this message and I will take it to heart. I feel so inadequate at times and know I need to bathe in the Word, saturate every cell in my body with His Word. Blessed be the name of the Lord! For He is worthy of our praise! I love you, Lord, and I lift my voice to worship You. Oh, my soul rejoice!! Take joy, My King, in what You hear. Let it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ears!!!

  2. Tia Heritage says:

    Thank you Teddie read the topic “Call to the church” Learnt that God meant serious business with us. How important it is to keep feeding on the Word daily- Praying His Prayer-His Word about everything, the only thing to slay the enemy, Our Sword and Shield… halleluya! Thank you Jesus! You spoke about the power of the tongue that it can speak life or death! James 3:2 “For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to briddle the whole body.” Need my circumstances to change- “PRAY” God’s calling is to anyone who believes. I Love the part that, God is a God of the individual, our walk with him is personal and very intimate and the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom and Knowledge. Obedience is better than sacrifice! Thank you Teddie so much to Soak in and I needed food for my soul and more. I Love you Teddie.

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