I A M ! ! ! October 6, 2012


The LORD was so present as we worshiped Him in Spirit and in Truth today!

Every morning at 5:15 we begin worship and praise.

We begin praying the prayer blanket at 5:25, and we pray until about 6:45-50sh…or so each morning.

On Saturdays, we have a little more freedom to go a little longer…and the LORD often gives us a fresh Word…

Today, it is…”Be still and know that I AM God!!

Woo Hoo!!

He told Moses to tell them that I AM had sent him…

He still is saying to us, “I AM has sent you!”

We are the light of the world because Jesus in us is the Hope of Glory!

The presence of the LORD this morning was sooo precious!

We prayer warriors…well, we’re just like you!

Things are going on everywhere…in our bodies, our marriages, with our children, siblings, parents, and all extended family, with our jobs, our communities, our nations and our world.

Today, the LORD was reminding us that He is in His Holy Temple! All is right with the world!

He is LORD!!!

He is in control!!!

Today, like so many songs about the times and troubles…the lightening flashing around us…the thunder rolling and roaring…the sea waves crashing against the lighthouse…

When all around us looks out of control…He says, “Look up!! Your redemption, Church…draws nigh!!!”

As we look left, and right, and all around and see struggling and a mess…He says look at me!

Lift up your heads, O yes gates, and be ye lifted up…and the King of Glory will come in!!!

I share with you…my audience…from this platform that the LORD has given me…

I speak to you across the internet…to family…to friends…to the family of God…here in my nation the United States…and all around the world….

Be still and know that He is God!  It is He…I AM…who has sent you!

Look up!! We are the redeemed of the LORD and we say so!

Our redemption does indeed draw night!!

Woo Hoo!!

Until the next time…


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