Message from God’s Ready Writer Easter Eve 2012

God bless you, today, Easter eve of 2012.

Listen to this wonderful song…

Today is a wonderful day because it is the day before the greatest Day in all history!

If I did not know the story…if I had not already settled in my heart that Jesus is LORD…then I would not be at peace today.

I would not be able to rejoice!

If Good Friday…the day Jesus was crucified was the end of the story…we would be like the Mary’s and the other disciples…all mourning and lost.

Our Jesus…Master…teacher and religious leader would be dead…and the wonderful time with Him would be over.

Thank You, LORD, that we can declare what we celebrate tomorrow.

Jesus is alive!!! He is risen!!!!


King of Kings!!! LORD of Lords!!!

Forever!! and Ever!!!!

Amen and Amen.

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