Today’s Message from His Ready Writer April 10, 2012

Today, my heart has been focused on just how great our God is! Looking out on a beautiful spring day in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, I am very aware of the gorgeous array of color just on my own land…white and pink dogwoods, variety colored azaleas, and irises beginning to bloom, with day lilies soon to follow. I have many trees oh so green, and the sky today is very blue. It is truly a Day the LORD has made and I rejoice in it!

Sunsets and sunrises are gorgeous this time of the year, and our night skies with the moon and so many stars to see. Spring and autumn would have to be my favorites to look at, though I love that I live where we see the 4 seasons, as change makes for less boring days.

Let me share a favorite song of mine that was written by Chris Tomlin. I looked for as pretty of a video with him singing it, but this one was so awesome that I chose it. Stop and take a minute if you can…

Now, this is so wonderful indeed!

Earlier, when I was searching for the one I liked best for today’s writing, my computer froze…and I had to reboot and come back. Such is the wonder of technology! It thrills us, but it drives us nutty at times.

Anyway, I ran across the following. It is a tour with Chris Tomlin, and the speaker for the group really gets into the science.

Having taught earth science in middle school for several years, it caught my eye and blessed my socks off, so I’m sharing with you.

Sit back and enjoy…

When you go to youtube and see this video, you see there are others that are in his series, but I am including the one on laminin. What is laminin? Just listen….

After time like this…hearing about our God making the universe…and then, hearing about how He made…us and how beautifully and wonderfully made we are are…

That at our base is the Cross of Jesus Christ!!

We read Psalm 33 every day in the prayer blanket…but after this, Psalm 33: 6-9 takes on even more meaning…

Shouting ground saints!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!

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