I Stand Amazed at How Much You Love Me, LORD! November 2, 2012


I stand amazed at Your love and Your grace! You have truly poured it out on me today. I’ve been very quiet lately, as many things are going on in my life and with those I love and hold so dear! Whew!!

I have wanted to be part of making everything better for my husband, children and grandgirls…and my friends. I’ve been placed by you in a quiet spot…a bit under the weather…but knowing the power of prayer.

Praying more fervently over our adult children…that You pour out Your Spirit on these adult children that we committed to You a long time ago…and being fully aware that You are moving in their lives.

You’ve been so precious to remind me over and over that I can’t add one cubit…not one hair…but You can! What is impossible with and for me is possible with God! That I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

A huge storm hit the east coast…prophesied by Chuck Pierce several months ago…and as I’ve prayed about it…You have spoken to my heart…Be Still! and Know!! I AM God!!! I thank You, LORD, for setting my prayers straight…almost by the day…to wield and to do Your good pleasure. It’s not my will but Yours that is important!

I look at the signs being shown to us every day…and I marvel that You have been so patient with us, LORD! I do ask that those who have not returned to You, yet…that those who are in sin right now…but somehow think it will be ok…I thank You for showing me to pray the hedge of thorns around them that You speak of in Hosea…that they will follow after but not find what they are looking for and will return to You, LORD!!

You are directing our paths as we make our plan every day…including how we pray…and how we praise!!

There’s a Holy Hush on it all, LORD…a Holy Hush.

I just want to thank You for what You have just done in my life as a praying grandmother. I praise You for making the crooked way straight…for I could not add one cubit…but you could…and have! You have answered my prayer and I give thanks!! Woo Hoo!!!!

Glory to God in the Highest!!!!

We’ve not seen anything, yet, LORD!!! The Best is Yet to Come!!!

I’m in anticipation LORD…awaiting Your arrival…preparing as I pray…

Thanks, LORD, for all those who’ve prayed with me for my family and this ministry! Thanks, Saints of God!!

In Jesus’ Name,

Amen and Amen

Until the next time…


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